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January is a month that our Sub-Branch does not have a General Meeting, however our weekly sessions of walking, kayaking, cycling and coffee continue without a break.

On Saturday 14 January a group our kayakers and members met at Hillarys Yacht Club where our kayaks are stored to affix waterproof identification stickers. Following the hard work, welcome refreshments were enjoyed overlooking the Marina.

The Workers
Up on the Trailer


Organised by our Peer Health Coordinator Eric Atkins, the highlight of our February General Meeting was a presentation by Deb Palacios, a Strokesafe Ambassador, from the Stroke Foundation.

Deb and Colin

Deb, a former US Army Captain and Stroke Survivor was accompanied by partner ex- RAN Submariner Colin Pryer.

The presentation was comprehensive and provided an overview that gave our members an understanding of Strokes in their various forms.

Coming from a stroke survivor and an ex-military veteran added to the power and professionalism of the presentation.

Members are encouraged to be aware of F.A.S.T. and other stroke relating factors, Read more HERE

Also, visit their website HERE

Sunday 19 February had a group of our Kayakers down at the Yacht Club taking delivery of our new Kayak Trailer, thanks to the Stronger Communities Grant. This allowed us to donate our old trailer, that no longer met our needs, to TS Marmion to carry the kayaks we donated to them late last year.

It was pleasing to see our members supporting not only our Sub-Branch, but also the Sea Cadets of TS Marmion. Well Done All


The 2023 Tour of Duty was to Esperance – between 22 March to 27 March. After a short bus ride from Perth (10 hours) the group of 35 arrived all fit and ready to tackle the sights of Esperance. Check our Facebook to see all of Jon McKenzie’s photos and the story of the Tour.

The group toured Woody Island, and all enjoyed the boat ride over, and as can be seen from the following photo, all were looking forward to the day.

North Beach and Esperance RSL Sub Branches


On Saturday 22 April at the oval, Charles Riley Memorial Reserve, the North Beach Tigers play Kingsley for the 30th Graham Edwards Football MatchPerth Now was present at our Memorial on Wednesday 29 March to take photos for an article to be published prior to the match.

Ned Halley (North Beach Football Club), Craig Dalton (NBFC), John Rolfe (North Beach RSL president), Graham Edwards, Sgt Travis Ingleby, Bill Fielding (Radar Mechanic), Major Peta Connolly and Mitchell Gill (Captain NBFC)

Copyright The West Australian Newspapers Ltd 2023

Read the Article in Perth Now

All Paying Their Respects
The Service
Tossing The Coin by Graham Edwards
Deb, Lez, Jess, and Jim with Bunnings Staff
Two Supporters Of our Team

ANZAC Day Dawn Service

The Dawn Service Tuesday 25th April attracted between 8,000 to 9,000 community members, serving ADF personnel, and veterans.

The Service was followed by a Gunfire Breakfast and this also well attended.

Well done to all those members attending, and involved in organising and participating in this significant event.


Legacy Australia is 100

Read all about Legacy and their significant achievement and support they have given over the last 100 years. Click on the link:

Legacy – Supporting our veterans’ families since 1923.


Mike Ruffin OAM passed away Wednesday 7 June 2023

Esteemed member, past RSM of SAS, past President of the SAS Association, Legacy supporter and a highly respected Australian veteran.

Michael John (Mike) Ruffin OAM passed away 7 June 2023 age 81.  He was born in Victoria and raised in Tasmania..  At 18 he enlisted in the Army, and served with honour for 26 years.  He deployed to Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam between 1961 and 1969 and served as:

  • Instructor, Officer Cadet School Portsea 1976-78
  • CSM, 6 RAR 1978-79,
  • Instructor, School Infantry 1980,
  • RSM, Special Action Forces Directorate 1981, and the SAS Regiment 1982-86

The AWM has this information on Mike and incorporates part of his address that he gave at the Canberra Dawn Service last year. View this address here: Veteran recalls encounter in Vietnam during Anzac dawn service in Canberra (

Read his story here


Wednesday 21 June a number of our members toured HMAS Stirling on Garden Island and were privileged to be allowed on the base for a guided tour because of high security.

All had a great day and came away with a better understanding of the history of the base, and of our Navy.

It is with thanks to our Sub-Branch organisers of this Tour, to our members for understanding the high security requirements, and of course to the Navy.


Christmas in July 2023

Christmas in July held Wednesday 26 July at the Hillarys Yacht Club overlooking the Marina.

It was a well attended function with over 100 enjoying good food, good company and great surroundings. Thanks go to Vice President Peter Bowring and Sub-Branch Warden Lez Young for their organising skills.

Korean War Memorial

The Korean War Memorial was unveiled in Kings Park on 27th July and was attended by representatives of our Sub-Branch. Read More Here. The Memorial stone was donated by the Government of South Korea, and was from the Kapyong Valley, the site of the battle in April 1951 where 3 RAR gained the Presidential Citation. Kapyong Day is commemorated by 3 RAR each year on 24 April.


Sandakan Memorial Kings Park

On 15 August each year, Sandkan is commemorated to remember the more than 2,400 Australian and British prisoners of war and the estimated 16 per cent of Sabah’s civilian population who died during Japanese occupation. This is known as Sandakan Memorial Day.

From 1942 to 1943, some 2,700 Allied servicemen were interned at Sandakan and used as forced labour to build a military airstrip. Some were transferred but, by 1945, more than 1,000 had already perished.

In January 1945, with the imminent defeat of the Japanese Army, about 1,000 British and Australian POWs were sent on 3 separate forced marches from Sandakan to Ranau, a torturous 260-kilometre march through mountainous jungle terrain.

The men were severely malnourished, suffering from tropical illnesses and subjected to brutal ill-treatment and torture. About half died during these death marches and those who did survive succumbed to starvation and illness. The prisoners who remained in Sandakan died in appalling conditions or were executed. Only 6 Australians survived. They escaped with the help of local villagers, and eventually returned home to tell their story.

Sandakan remains one of the worst atrocities committed against Australians in war.

Carine Senior High School are the custodians of the Memorial in Kings Park and conducted a memorial service on Sunday 20 August.

Wayne Koch, John Rolfe, Matt Moran



Ken McHarrie 30 December 1923 to 16 August 2023

Kenneth John (Ken) McHarrie  WX36207 Staff Sergeant 29th Infantry Brigade Bougainville

A respectful funeral for Ken was held Friday 1 September 2023 and members provided a guard of honour.

Read Ken’s Story  HERE

Bush Bash 2023 4 Wheel Drive Adventure

The  4-wheel drive adventurers set off late September for a 14 day excursion to the northern most destination of Mount Augustus.  The journey included stops at the Landor Races, Kennedy Ranges, Wooramel Hot Springs, Monkey Mia and Milligans Beach out from Greenhead.

Each year in September a different route is selected.  This year Jon McKenzie and Les Young were the key organisers.  As always the Sub-Branch’s satellite phone and full medical kit with defibrillator was firmly strapped into the lead vehicle.

This year the group was joined by Sub-Branch member Peta Connelly and her very able assistant, Vince, who took some time off as CEO RSLWA.

As always a good time was had while experiencing the wonders of our outback, although a couple took their own 5 star hotel with them.

For more photos refer to our Facebook Page HERE

Government House Tour

A group were fortunate to have a personal tour of Government House where they learnt its history, and also met the Governor.

This tour was followed by Lunch at the ANZAC Club


Veterans’ Transition Centre – Jarrahdale

A group of North Beach RSL Sub-Branch Veterans recently visited the Veterans’ Transition Centre in Jarrahdale for DVA’s Veterans Health Week.  John Rolfe, President of the Sub-Branch, said, “it is part of our ongoing programme of events aimed at raising the awareness of facilities and services available to our veterans.”

The VTC is a not for profit registered charity that has a property in a natural bush setting nestled in the Darling Ranges on approximately 17 hectares near Jarrahdale in Western Australia.  The state forest is on the eastern border and Medulla Brook runs through the property.  It is approximately 45 minutes drive from the Perth CBD, is located close to the South Western Highway, and provides: 

  • Respite short-term accommodation for veterans and their families at Jarrahdale, Western Australia,
  • Assistance with transition to civilian employment,
  • Provision of confidential counselling services, including mental health, lifestyle, financial.

Members were greeted by Executive Officer of the VTC, Greg Green, who provided an overview of the Centre and the support and services provided.  Greg explained how members may benefit and get involved, and also how that involvement will positively impact the future of the Centre.

Greg guided members around the Centre explaining the facilities available, those under construction, and the plans for the future.  Members were all impressed by the Centre and its natural bush setting, and this started conversation amongst the group of how the Sub-Branch may become more involved.

Following a healthy BBQ lunch members roamed the Centre enjoying its setting before returning home.

All members agreed that the Veteran’s Transition Centre is a great initiative and that the visit was an education in the services available for those veterans in need of assistance and respite.

All agreed that the VTC was well worth the visit and encouraged other Sub-Branches visiting and getting involved.

Each year in April, the North Beach Football Club plays its Graham Edwards AM ANZAC Match. North Beach RSL Sub-Branch conducts an ANZAC Service prior to the match, and chooses the player that our Sub-Branch considers shows determination, spirit and team-work.

Egan Brookes was chosen to receive the trophy this year, and it was presented at the North Beach Football Club’s Champions’ Dinner 2023 at Optus Stadium. Well done Egan.


The Planting of Poppies

1 November was the planting of Poppies at Kings Park Memorial in preparation of Remembrance Day. The Sub-Branch was represented and the end result was magnificant.

Sub-Branch Member Maud Bown celebrated her 100th Birthday on Monday 6 November 2023

Maud was presented with a bouquet of flowers from our Sub-Branch, and a Certificate from RSL National congratulating her for this achievement, and service to country. READ MORE HERE

Read Maud’s Story in Members Stories

Poppy Collection and Remembrance Day


December 11 General Meeting was attended by 136 members, a bumper attendance, including from RSLWA Vince Connelly, Matt Moran, Steve Barton, and “our” Doug Simpson. Also attending were members of the Revive Gym Team.

David Lewis was awarded the President’s Trophy as member of the year for his support and advice in matters relating to member entitlements.

Annual RSLWA Legacy Ball

Our Belles of the Ball, Deb, Kaye and Jess enjoyed the night and were able representatives of our Sub-Branch

Christmas Hampers

This year the Sub-Branch delivered 21 hampers, all of which were gratefully received. Thanks must go to those members who delivered these hampers, and it is a reflection of our Sub-Branch that so many put their hands up so quickly to act as “Santa”. It also reflects the strength of our membership that members showed that they care about their fellow members and also those who are not in good health.

Well Done ALL

Ghita McHarrie was most pleased when Jess Welfare delivered her a hamper, and enjoyed a “cuppa”.
Terry Pryer was visited by his “Gym Group” of mates to deliver a Hamper.



Australia Day Awards – RSLWA

The Australia Day Achievement Medallion

Each year the RSL participates in the Australia Day Achievement Medallion Program that recognises the contribution of individuals and organisations that have made a significant contribution to the Veteran and Ex-service Community in Western Australia.

RSLWA presents 3 awards in the following categories:

  • Sub Branch Award
  • Individual Award
  • Community Group Award

The Award is sponsored by the Australia Day Council and has Australia wide recognition. The awards are presented at RSLWA’s Australia Day Function in January each year.

On Friday 28 January this year Awards were presented to:

  • North Beach RSL Sub-Branch as the best Sub-Branch in the State, and for the effort we have all achieved during 2021,
  • Paul McGuinness was awarded the Australia Day Medallion for service to veterans and the community.

The nomination for the Awards were confidential and not to be broadcast prior to the presentations.

Well done the North Beach RSL Sub-Branch

February – March

With no meeting in January and Covid restrictions in place, our February and March meetings have been quiet, with numbers down.

However, our activities have not stopped with our walking, kayaking, cycling and coffee groups very active from Hillarys Marina twice weekly.  Our kayaking group is increasing in size, which is good to see.  Because of the increased participation, the Gazebo meeting place at the Marina has been reserved for us by Marina Management between 08:00 and 10:15 each Wednesday and Friday.  For this we thank Hillarys Marina.

Kalgoorlie Tour of Duty 16 to 21 March 2022

On 16 March 39 Sub-Branch members travelled by Prospector to Kalgoorlie for the 2022 Tour of Duty.  The Tour of Duty was organised by Paul McGuinness, with on the ground logistics managed by Robyn Steenbach, President of the Kalgoorlie Sub-Branch and RSLWA Board Member.

An action packed Tour was organised in conjunction with the Kalgoorlie RSL Sub Branch President Robyn Steenbach.

Paul was presented at the March meeting with his Temporary Acting Lance Corporal half stripe in recognition of his effort, as well as recognising alleged service in Exercise Barra Winga, Qld 1966 and Canungra Qld 1967. (his mates will tell another story)


The ANZAC Football Match at the North Beach Football Club.  A very well attended match with all paying their respects.  

A now traditional match and commemoration, much appreciated by the North Beach Football Club and the North Beach RSL Sub Branch.

Lest We Forget

ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the North Beach Memorial.

The Service was attended by 2000 members of the community, veterans and serving members of the Defence Force.


At our June meeting Greg Gough received his Certificate of Life membership for service to veterans and our Sub-Branch.


During an overcast but fine day in July, thirty members of North Beach RSL Sub-Branch took the opportunity to tour the Leighton Battery and Tunnels – an important part of Western Australia’s military history.

Coastal defences, known as “Fortress Fremantle”, protected the harbour at Fremantle since the first battery was installed at Arthur’s Head in 1906.  This was expanded in the 1930s and WW 2, and stretched along the coast from Cape Peron, Garden Island, Rottnest, Leighton and Swanbourne.  During WW2 this was particularly important as Fremantle, following the fall of Singapore, was home to the largest submarine base in the Southern Hemisphere.


TS Marmion Kayak Handover

The official handover of the Kayaks to TS Marmion took place at 10:00am Sunday 14 August, 2022.  It was well attended by our members as well as the Cadets from T S Marmion.

Following the handover, the Cadets launched them for a kayak around the Marina – so well done to all those involved from our Sub-Branch and T S Marmion.

Jess Welfare Reports From El Alamein and Crete


Jess travelled from Cairo to El Alamein with a group of 3 Kiwis and 3 Aussies, along with a supply of poppies (provided by our Sub-Branch) and koalas. One of her friends mentioned that her great uncle Billy was buried there. William Grimshaw, aged 19 from Fremantle.

They found his grave and had a small but emotional service at the graveside. Jess’s father fought in Egypt, so she felt honoured to be there to pay homage to these brave men.


“I managed to get to the Suda (Souda) Bay War Cemetery today via the hop on/off tourist bus which does a 40min drive around various sites in Chania but in Greek time somewhat longer!!  Had to wait awhile for the  return to Chania so tried to hitch a ride back.  People just smiled and waved so obviously didn’t understand the hitch a ride gesture or I’ve lost my touch!!! Too old!!

The cemetery overlooks the bay where the cruise ships call in.  The site is surrounded by olive trees & is a very beautiful setting.  Another European family were also there & equally touched to see so many graves of dead young men.  I asked their daughter to put a koala bear on one of the NZ graves to honor our mates across the pond.  I found a Sapper to place my little kangaroo. He was only 19.   I still had some poppies left from El Alamein so placed those around.

Of the ANZACS 274 Aussies killed & 671 NZs.   It was nice to bring a little something from home to leave with them.”

ANZAC Club Lunch – August 31, 2022

A group of members had lunch at the ANZAC Club and were joined by State President Duncan Anderson and CEO Vince Connolly.  Following the lunch the group were lucky to be conducted of a tour of ANZAC House facilities.

A good time had by all with most enjoyable food.  Highly recommended.


National Flag Day

This year’s National Flag Day on 3 September marks 121 years since the Australian Flag was first officially flown in 1901 at the Royal exhibition Building in Melbourne – the site of Australia’s first Parliament.

Australia’s National Flag Day is an opportunity for all Australians to observe this anniversary by flying or displaying the flag.

The date of 3 September also marks Merchant Navy Day. We remember the Service and sacrifice of thousands of Australia’s merchant mariners during wartime operations.

Cervantes Day Tour

Wednesday 21 September a hardy group bussed to Cervantes via Lancelin for a tour of the Lobster Factory, followed by lunch at the Lobster shack. An interesting and enjoyable day had by all.

Peter Fletcher, Leonie Anderson passing the Photo to John Rolfe, on behalf of our Sub-Branch

On Thursday 22 September President John Rolfe was invited to Bill Fielding’s home and greeted by Bill’s wife Jen, and family members Peter Fletcher and Leonie Anderson.

Peter and Leonie generously donated to our Sub-Branch a framed Limited Edition of that well known photograph of 11 Battalion taken on Cheops Pyramid prior to embarking to Gallipoli.

Their generosity is very much appreciated, and the photo will form a valuable part of our Collection.

Thank you to Peter and Leonie and also to Bill and Jen for helping to organise it.

The Rip Couston Bush Bash 2022

On 25 September a hardy group went bush again this year on the annual pilgrimage to the back of no-where. Apart from needing water wings near Warburton, all survived – and judging by some of the photos all went prepared.

Walga Rock (Walganha) west of Cue. (Well known site of carving of Sailing Ship of unexplained origin). Ancient site with carbon dated human activity up to 10,000 years old.


The 2022 ANZAC Football Match featuring the North Beach Football Club (The Tigers) is featured in our April Gallery.

As a result of this match, Shannon Lucassen was selected by the Sub-Branch for its North Beach RSL Sub-Branch Medallion. This was presented to him at the North Beach Football Club’s annual function at the Rendezvous Hotel in Scarborough on Saturday 8 October. Well done Shannon.

John with Club President Stephen Hooper (right)
President of our Sub-Branch presenting the Medallion to Shannon Lucassen



November is an important month in the RSL calendar, particularly because of the selling of Poppies and Remembrance Day. Our Sub-Branch, as usual, has participated in preparing Kings Park Memorial and the selling Poppies within our community. Thanks go to all those members and friends of the Sub-Branch who participated, and to Peter Bowring for organising our Poppy Day collections.

Remembrance Day 2022

The North Beach RSL Sub-Branch Remembrance Day Service at its Memorial was well attended by members, the community and City of Stirling representatives. Our member Deborrah Thatcher laid the Wreath on behalf of our Sub-Branch.

Five new Plaques were unveiled on our Wall of Remembrance for late members Dick Hawley (Warrant Officer Pilot WW2), Jack Meyer (Warrant Officer WW2), Jim Molloy (Pte 3 RAR 1966 -1967), Mick Austin (Bdr RAA Vietnam), and John Langridge (Major RAA, AATT Vietnam).


Chris Rampant with Kevin Ryan

The Better Together Ball

Jess and Kaye were the stars of the Ball, not just having a good time, but raising money for a very worthwhile cause. Well done Jess and Kaye

Annual Pre-Christmas Lunch – Hillarys Yacht Club

Members and partners on 23 November 2022 attended Hillarys Yacht Club for the Sub-Branch’s annual Pre-Christmas Lunch. This provided a great opportunity for all to enjoy each others company over a good meal.

There were many winners of our raffles that included donated goods and hampers. The Door Prize was a night and breakfast at the Rendezvous Observation City, Scarborough. All were gratefully received.

The highlight of the day was Barry Lloyd winning this years’ Membership Award for his contribution in coordinating our Sub-Branch’s commemoration events of ANZAC Day Dawn Service and Remembrance Day. A great effort that involved a lot of work, coordination and negotiation.


The Continuing Adventures of Jess and Deb

RAAF Museum had a special event followed by afternoon Tea on Friday 25 November. Music was provided by “London Essentials” courtesy of Hancock Prospecting. Our adventurers Jess and Deb attended and were very impressed with the day and the exhibits.

We arrived in style, and were impressed by the exhibits
mingled and thanked the Sponsor
and, then rode home on Debs favorite machine.


Back to Vietnam

Greg Gough (1 Field Squadron Vietnam 1969 – 1970) back from his Vietnam Tour with the Tunnel Rats. Owen Vladich (17 Construction Squadron Vietnam 1968) joined Greg on the Tour. That’s Owen showing Greg how it’s done.

58 Army Cadet Unit Carine

Army Cadet Units

President John Rolfe, representing our Sub-Branch attended the end of year parade of the 58 Army Cadet Unit – Carine held on Sunday 11 December 2022 at Irwin Barracks.

Our Sub-Branch donated $1,000.00 to the Unit to assist with its funding.

Chris Rampant recently attended the Parade and presentation for 704 SQN AAFC and donated $1000 to the SQN to assist with its funding

Cadet Units are now very much Community funded and without essential community support such as that provided by our Sub-Branch, they may not exist.

The North Beach RSL Sub-Branch is proud to support the Cadet Units of the three services.

Kayaking with the Sub-Branch at Hillarys Marina every Wednesday and Friday. Secretary Wayne Koch in Dry Dock.

Our Kayaks are in the process of being “branded” with our name, and a work party may be called to finish the job.

The big question is: did he enter the water?


The Last Ride Up The Coast
A sedate coffee group under the gazebo of our meeting Place, Hillarys Marina



General Meeting 8 March

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our first meeting for the year was not held until Monday 8 March  2021.  We had a large crowd with over 80 staying for a meal of Cottage Pie and Vegetables.  

The meeting opened with a Homage focussed on the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Australian Air Force.  A busy agenda included congratulations to Rob Sweet on him being award an OAM for his service and commitment to the RSL. It was most pleasing to see the meeting well attended by our valuable WW2 Veterans.

Our WW 11 Veterans

Aviation Heritage Museum 12 March.

R.A.A.F. Association

On Friday 12 March, our members paid a visit to the Aviation Heritage Museum at the Air Force Memorial Estate in Bullcreek.  A couple of hours were spent inspecting the collection with Guides provided by the R.A.A.F. Association.  The tour was followed by Lunch (at our members expense), and although Paul McGuinness, our Social Activities Coordinator, eventually received his Chicken Pie, all agreed that it was a resounding success.

A highly recommended visit and lunch

ANZAC HOUSE Lunch Friday 26 March

On Friday 26 March a group went to ANZAC House for Lunch and a Tour of the building.

The lunch was Roast Pork with a Pint of Beer or drink of choice.  Some opted for an alternative choice, but overall was an excellent meal and venue.  It is highly recommended.  

Following the meal we were given a tour of the building venues, all having great views over Government House Garden.

We also had a glimpse of the services suites – consisting of medical, treatment and vital support services .  Very impressive and when fully functional will be able to provide much needed support and services to our veterans.



ANZAC Day this year involved significant organisation by Barry Lloyd and his whole team, due to the uncertaintly and restrictions as a result of Covid-19.  However, the Sub-Branch had come through and was prepared for a most successful Dawn Service and Gunfire Breakfast.

The City of Stirling  published a video on Youtube advertising this important event, and can be seen on this LINK

ANZAC Day 2021 was cancelled due to a Covid-19 Lockdown over the ANZAC weekend.  All those Members who dedicated their time in the  organisation for this day of commemoration deserve the highest praise from our Sub-Branch.

The Stirling Times published a two page spread on 22nd April involving Geoff Pope, Wayne Koch and Peta Connolly, representing three generations of Veterans from our Sub-Branch.   This can be read on this Link

Reporter Lucy Jarvis and Photographer David Bayliss did a great job and were true professionals in getting their story and photographs.

These Copyright photos have been supplied courtesy of The West Australian Newspapers, and may not be reproduced.  The generosity of The West in providing these photos is very much appreciated.  Our thanks to Syndication Administrator Melissa Hayward.


Our esteemed Member Rob Sweet receiving his Certificate from Dawn Palm and Ross Daniels of Karrinyup Rotary recognising his nomination for the Michael Chin Humanitarian Award.  Rob was nominated for his outstanding contribution to the North Beach RSL, Veterans and their families over a number of years.  Although Rob did not win the Award, our Congratulations to him for his ongoing contribution.

Perth Mint 14 May

On a fine chill in the air day 27 intrepid Members bussed to the Perth Mint for a tour.

A guided tour of this historic building proved to be well worth while.  It was made most interesting listening to the history of the building, gold development in Western Australia, and seeing a gold pour. 

All members came away empty handed, but were more than happy after a top class Lunch at the Grosvenor.

Another great day thanks to SAC Paul McGuinness.



After nearly two years of planning and the 2020 Tour being cancelled because of Covid, 40 Members took off for their Tour of Duty of  Darwin from 4th to 11th  June 2021.  This well planned and executed tour focussed on Darwin and surrounds and its  military related history from WW2 to present day.  Areas toured included Adelaide River, WW2 Airfields, Humpty Doo, Litchfield National Park, Darwin Aviation Museum, WW2 Storage Tunnels, Robertson Barracks and many more.

Queen’s Birthday Honours 2021

Alex Lennox

Alex Lennox OAM for services to veterans and their families. 

Read Alex’s Award Profile on This Link

Greg Young OAM for services to veterans.  Read Greg’s Award Profile on This Link

Greg Young

Rob Sweet was presented with Life membership
Wayne Koch was presented with his 50 Year Certificate

Des Pryce was unable to attend our June Meeting, but was presented with his 50 year Membership Certificate

Don Ranford was unable to attend our June Meeting, but was presented with his 50 year Membership Certificate

Lindsay Williams was unable to attend our June Meeting, but was presented with his 50 year Membership Certificate.


A Plaque for Bertie Beaumont was unveiled on The Wall of Remembrance on Friday 23 July, followed by a farewell at the North Beach Bowling Club


On 9th August 2021 our General Meeting and Annual General Meeting was attended by over 120 Members.  See About Us on This Link for our Executive and Committee Members 

Army Museum of Western Australia

40 Members visited the Army Museum of Western Australian on Friday 12th August, followed by a feed of Fish and Chips at Ciccerello’s overlooking The Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

Drury Heath’s Taxi Service Vietnam

North Beach Tigers 

The Sub-Branch was welcomed by the North Beach Tigers Football Club to join them in a belated Anzac Day Match Ceremony which was cancelled due to covid restriction earlier in the year.  A very successful day. Not only because of the Tigers’ victory, but the mutual respect between the Sub- Branch and the Football Club.

Peter Bowring and John Rolfe
Medallion to be presented to the Fairest and Best NBFC Player/s
Graham Edwards addresses and thanks the players and the Club


September General Meeting

The September General Meeting was well attended as usual, and the additional guests made it an action packed event.  We had:

  • Royce Spencer and Doug Simson from RSLWA delivering an update on ANZAC House / Veterans Central, as well as the Jarrahdale property.
  • Attendance of Karen Caddy from City of Stirling & Tony Krsticevic
  • Presentation from Life Live it, Occupational Therapy with Linda, Hannah, Ariel & Abi running through their services and available products to make life much easier. (Suite 101, 112 Scarborough Beach road, Mt Hawthorn WA 6016  9201 0705

Royce and Doug at the meeting
The Team from Life Live it Occupational Therapy
President John with Karen Caddy and Tony Krsticevic

The Irish Scene

Volume 23 Issue 5 published September 2021 thanks to Bob O’Connor.  A really good write up about our Sub-Branch.  Link

Bush Bash 2021

Organised by Rip Couston, 15 Members of the 4×4 group with 8 vehicles set off on the 26th September 2021 for this year’s bash.  The trip was planned to take 12 to 14 days to conquer the David Carnegie Track just out of Tjukayirla Roadhouse on the Great Central Rd, then the Gunbarrel Hwy down to Wiluna with bush camping along the way, including a stop at Karalee Rock, a site out of Laverton.  Well done Rip.


October General Meeting

Di Hornby of the Fremantle Army Museum presenting the Sub-Branch, on behalf of herself and husband Allan Hornby, with a rare Photo of Western Australian raised 12 Battalion.  The photo was taken prior to the Battalion’s deployment to Gallipoli on 25 April 1915.
Popular retiring Counsellor Karen Caddy from the City of Stirling with Peter Edwards.  

President John Rolfe, Jimmie Muscat and the Team from REVIVE PHYSIOTHERAPY.  Revive specialise in Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy

For More Info how Revive may help you – See


Veterans’ Health Week

Veterans’ Health Week is always supported by the Sub-Branch, and this year it was walks along the Bibbulmun Track from Mundaring and a guided walk through the bush tracks of Araluen Botanic Park.  These were designed to cater for the capability of participants and our qualified First Aid Members were present to provide support if it was needed.  The weather on both days was fine, and ideal for a walk.


Veterans’ Health week provided the Sub-Branch with an opportunity for members to do something different and experience Perth’s bush environment, whilst building teamwork.  Both walks were followed by a light lunch, at members expense, and a relaxing return home.

The outcome for our Sub-Branch in undertaking the broad range of activities is improved teamwork and understanding amongst members, the opportunity to have shared experiences and breaking down of barriers so asking for help, if needed, is the norm.

For those Members who are unable to participate, we ensure that they are kept “in the loop”  by continuous communication, newsletters and personal visits just to see how they are, and whether they need a hand.

It is the initiative of the Department of Veteran Affairs in supporting veterans’ health and Sub-Branch activities and events that contribute to an effective and cohesive Sub-Branch, member health and wellbeing.

Bibbulmun Track

Forty members bussed to Mundaring Weir on October 22nd for a walk across the Weir, and on the Bibbulmun Track.  Members made their way along  part of the Track at their own pace in groups and enjoyed the bush and wildflowers out in bloom.  It provided our members with an appreciation of the Bibbulmun Track, one of the most challenging walks in Australia

Araluen Botanic Park

Thirty members made their way to Araluen by bus and were greeted by the Park’s Tour Guides.  Following a briefing on the history of Araluen, all members were lead through bush tracks into the heart and around the perimeter of the Park.  The walk consisted of rough tracks that took in all types of terrain and provided participants with a great understanding of the Park and the surrounding district.  Those members who were unable to undertake the whole walk, were lead on an alternative walk designed for individual capability.


Kings Park Poppies

A group of our members were at the Kings Park memorial Planting for Remembrance Day

Well Done

The Funeral Service for Jack was held at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in North Beach on Tuesday 9th Novemeber.  Jack died at 97.  Refer to Members / Members Stories for Jack’s Story

13 Squadron RAAF

Remembrance Day

Annual Christmas Lunch

The Christmas Lunch this Year was held at the Hillarys Yacht Club.  It was a packed house with Members and their partners in attendance to enjoy the offerings.  Legs of Ham were the raffle prize along with hand made quilts.

All Members and their partners, along with honoured guests, all enjoyed the lunch and company.

Well done Paul McGuinness and his team in organising this event.

The Menu

It was really pleasing to see such a broad representation of our membership


The Year That Was – 2021


Our events and Tours that were planned for 2020 were impacted by Covid19.  HOWEVER, planning quickly got underway for the remainder of the year, and also for 2021. 

When restrictions eased, our Sub-Branch dusted off the cobwebs and participated in activities.

After Walking, Cycling and Kayaking
One of this year’s meetings

August Meeting – AGM

Trevor McEntyre

At our Annual General Meeting Trevor McEntyre took over the reigns from Rob Sweet as Secretary.
At our August meeting, a much deserved award was presented to well respected member Bill Fielding, WW2 veteran aged a young 96. Bill served on early Radar Stations in New Guinea. Vince Connelly MP, Federal Member for Stirling and Member of our Sub Branch, presented Bill with an Australia Remembers 1939 – 1945 Medallion on behalf of the Federal Government and a Grateful Nation
After many years as Secretary Rob was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for the years he has dedicated to the Sub-Branch.  The Certificate read; “Your years of dedication and outstanding service to the North Beach Sub-Branch. Your continuous service to your Sub-Branch is in the finest tradition of the RSL”

September – October

Peer Health

On 9 September, the First Aid Course and Requalification was held at Hillarys Yacht Club for all our First Aiders.

Four Wheel Drive Tour 

19 Members in 11  4×4 Vehicles set off on the 27th Sept for a 10 day camping tour to the gold fields taking in Paynes Find, Sandstone, Lake Mason Homestead, then cutting back along the Barlee – Youanmi Rd to Karalee Rock – finishing at the Nungarin Military Museum before heading home.  The camaraderie of this Sub-Branch is “Alive and Well” in the Bush, as it is in the City.

Terry Healy

At our monthly meeting of 12 October, Terry Healy received his Certificate from President John Rolfe, on behalf of RSLWA, for his achievement of 50 years of Membership.  Well done that man.


Legacy Camp Busselton – Roger Hardwicke

Roger Hardwicke.

Roger Hardwicke’s Legacy Camp Maintenance Tour of Duty was held from 2 November to 6 November, and once again our Members who made their time available made a valuable effort in maintaining this Legacy gem.  Our Sub-Branch’s contribution to Legacy by maintaining its Busselton Camp is a most worthy and satisfying cause.

Remembrance Day 11 November

Remembrance Day was well attended by Members of our Sub-Branch, members of the community, and local school children.  Following the Service Wreaths were placed and Plaques in our Wall of Remembrance unveiled for Louis Warner, Abel Seaman HMAS Kanimbla; Peter Woodward, L/Cpl. RAASC; Arthur Cressall and Robert Bowers, both LAC’s RAAF.  We Will Rember Them.

Opening of ANZAC House Veteran Central

Our President John Rolfe and Rob Sweet attended the opening of the new ANZAC House Veteran Central.  Our President was in demand for photo opportunities.

Christmas at Hillarys Yacht Club

On Thursday 26 November our Sub-Branch hosted a Christmas Lunch at the Hillarys Yacht Club.  Once again, this year was well attended by members and guests, and a special thanks must go to organiser Peter Edwards, MC Jon McKenzie, and Prize Coordinator Paul McGuinness.

A wide variety of prizes were donated for the raffle which was conducted by our MC, and ably assisted by member Vince Connelly MP.

President John Rolfe presented Wayne Koch with the trophy of Member of the Year for his work “behind the scenes” and assisting with the smooth management of our Sub-Branch.


President John Rolfe took a small group of our WW2 veterans and others to ANZAC House Veteran Central for Lunch, and a good time was had by these young fellows.

Our last meeting of the year was held on Monday 14 December and was attended by nearly 140 members.  This was an excellent turnout and was followed by a very good meal of Green Chicken and Vegetable Curry and Rice.

The meeting was a successful wind up to a difficult year, as a result of restrictions caused by Covid 19, and all members should be proud of their support to our Sub-Branch.

As a Sub-Branch we look forward to a better and more active 2021.

Our December Meeting with Treasurer David King tallying the Collection.


2019 was a busy year for special events, and all activities were well organised and attended.


Geraldton Tour

Geraldton Tour


Gallipoli Run Kings Park



Visit to Fremantle Prison


Police Academy Visit

Quiz Night at the North Beach Bowling Club

Our community at the quiz night



Submarine Tour Fremantle courtesy of Roger Hardwicke


Rottnest Island Luncheon Day Tour

Legacy Camp Busselton

Outback Tour


Remembrance Day

Christmas Lunch

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