History of North Beach Sub-branch


This history makes no pretense of being founded on actual records until early 1962, as all the minutes of meetings from the foundation date were burnt in a fire that destroyed the then Secretary’s shed. It has been compiled up to that time from the memory of early members. In most cases over 45 years have elapsed since the members joined the Sub-Branch and many are 75 years old and over. You will therefore, appreciate their difficulty in recalling names and dates accurately.Over the last five years, I have been urged by the long term members to put together this History but have lacked the facilities and the know how to complete the task.When Joe Harris joined the Sub-Branch and later published a book to enlighten his family on his service in the Army, I approached him to assist the Sub-Branch with the use of his computer, to produce this History. He has done a very good job of it and it would not have been possible without his help. I thank all the other members for their help and contributions – not forgetting the ladies of the past Auxiliary.M.C.Hall

It has been a privilege and informative task to take a small part in helping editor Joe in producing this history of the North Beach RSL Sub-Branch.The stalwarts, who worked so hard to establish and retain the Sub-Branch and see its present status, have every reason to be proud of their efforts.John Tindale

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