The Sub-Branch lacked finance for many years.  Various methods were used to raise money to pay the rates, taxes and upkeep of the blocks of land.  The Women’s Auxiliary contributed greatly and raised a large amount of money.  As time went on the rate bill increased, the upkeep of the building increased and that meant that the overdraft increased.

In April 1961, the overdraft was $376, with $42 capitation fees being owed to Headquarters.  A profit of $144 was made on a fete, the local market gardeners having substantially supported the project.  Building alterations and improvements were necessary.  A tender of $309 by E. Bennett for installing wooden floors was accepted.  In June, the price of a glass of beer was raised to nine cents.

Now that the shed had a wooden floor a dance was held.  Fifty cents admission for a non-drinker and $1-50 for the others was the accepted charge.  Frank Kent lent his piano for the occasion and was thanked for the use of it at the July meeting.

At the November 1961 meeting the State President, Percy Pearson attended.  He commented that there was no RSL sign on the hall.  At this stage the Sub-Branch was making application to sell poppies in the North Beach area.  One wonders if North Beach was about to intrude into Percy’s monopolised area as the boundaries for the sale of poppies has been hotly debated from time to time.

The overdraft continued to grow, it being $502 by December 1961, $600 by June 1962, $797 by June 1970. When the overdraft reached $837 in July 1970 the Bank wrote to advise that the Sub-Branch was over its limit.  Some casual tenants must have given concern about their overdue rent.  Mention was also made in the minutes that the premises had been left in a dirty condition by one party.  As the overdraft was getting too big, three organisations were requested to pay their rent bills, totalling $125.  During September 1968, a piano costing $100 was purchased.

At this phase of time there must have been some contemplation of selling the land, as there is a mention that negotiations were well under way to sell.  The tennis courts were in need of maintenance at a considerable cost, and the Sub-Branch was in no position to carry out the work.  At the December 1969 meeting it was stated that the time was now ripe for selling the land.  It must be recalled that the North Beach Tennis Club (First championships held were during 1972) was now in existence, and that the North Beach Bowling Club was functioning. (Bowls Championship Fours were held in 1959/60 but the Bowling Clubhouse was not opened until 1974.).  Attendances at meetings had dropped to 8, 10 or 12.  The Scouts had abandoned the hire of the building without notice, but by the grapevine the committee knew that the lads had found alternative accommodation.

On seeking permission to dispose of the land, the Sub-Branch had to assure Headquarters that there was an alternative meeting site and that the Sub-Branch was not folding up.  During all this period of land ownership Frank Kent, L. Movley and Merv Hall appear to have been the main stalwarts of the organisation at North Beach.  There were enquires to the Local Authority as to the zoning of the land from commercial to residential etc.

The land had not been sold by October 1971, the overdraft was now $925, and the Christmas Party was abandoned through lack of interest.  Had TV and Bowls taken over the members recreational time?   Jack Sheniffs had been urging members to join the Bowls section of the RSL.  A rates bill for $129 had come to hand!

In December 1972 a special meeting was convened, and it was resolved to sell the block in North Beach Road for $20,000.  During May 1973 the land was sold for $20,000 less commissions and demolition costs of $350.  At this time, there were 25 financial members, but only 7 to 10 attending meetings.  At the August 1973 meeting seven members attended and resolved to invest $18,000 in a registered Trust, administered by F.A. Kent, H.J. Gordon, M.C. Hall and L.P. Movley.  All income derived from the Fund was to be placed in an interest bearing account for the use of the Sub-Branch.

The Sub-Branch appears to have covered the cost of the evening’s entertainment, as it was regarded at that time, August 1973, a LANDMARK in the History of the Club.


Donations have been made to various deserving causes from time to time. Here are listed some of the more substantial payments.

Apr 1975 Darwin Appeal, Cyclone Tracy $100
Sept 1976 Beagle Bay Mission, North of Broome (To bring children down on holiday) $100
Dec 1978 Sister Gennann’s Appeal $100
May 1979 Scarborough High School Cadets $200
June 1979 War Memorial Restoration Fund $20
Dec 1979 North Beach Sportsmen’s Club (urn) $75
Dec 1979 Legacy (Support of 2 children (Wards) $100
June 1980 Scarborough High School Cadets $200
sept 1980 Golden Quest(Headquarters supported Appeal) $100
Oct 1980 Sister Germann’s Appeal $100
Mar 1981 Scarborough Cadets $200
Dec 1981 Cameron Cooper Eye Treatment in America $100
Feb 1982 Legacy for Support of Three Wards $150
May1982 Scarborough Cadets (Assist new Camp) $400
Mar 1983 Legacy for Support of three Wards $150
Mar 1983 Bush Fire Appeal $50
Apr 1983 War Veterans Homes (Assist to purchase a food conveyor) $100
June 1983 Scarborough Cadets (Half for radios) $400
Oct 1983 Headquarters for appeal for State War Memorial repairs $50
Mar 1984 Legacy for support of three wards $150
Sep 1984 Scarborough Cadets Assist Annual Camp $400
Jul 1985 Legacy Support three wardst $150
Jul 1985 Scarborough cadets $200
Nov 1985 North Beach Bowling Club Heavy Seat $45
May 1986 Scarborough Cadets/North Beach Primary School $45
Jul 1986 Legacy Supporting three wards $150
Jul 1987 Legacy for Support of Three Wards $150
Jul 1988 Legacy for Support of Three Wards $150
Nov 1988 Memorial Plaques at North Beach Bowling Club Garden $175
July 1989 Legacy supporting four Wards $200
July 1990 Legacy supporting four Wards $200
Feb 1990 Newcastle Earthquake $50
Sept 1990 Legacy supporting four Wards $200
June 1991 Mt Lawley Veteran Homes $5 000
Aug 1991 Legacy supporting four Wards $200


Proceeds from the sale of poppies are split two ways -half to the local Amelioration Fund and half to the Headquarters Amelioration Fund.  The Sub-Branches in the Metropolitan area interested selling poppies in the city apply to RSL Head Office.  A draw is then made for the allocation an area.  The City is then divided into areas by H.O.  It is the luck of the draw what area is allocated to the Sub-Branch.   In 1961 the RSL decided to approach the MTT for permission to sell Poppies at the bus stops in St George’s Terrace and the North Beach Sub-Branch was allocated that area. It is believed that the effort was so successful that it attracted a write up in the Daily News, a popular evening paper of that era.

In 1967 it was resolved to have poppy stalls at each of the shopping centres.  Over the years the public has been generous to this appeal and many valuable dollars have been contributed to the RSL.   No doubt the residences of the Mt Lawley RSL homes have benefited from time to time, as well as any local member who has come before the Committee for financial consideration and assistance.

Since 1985 activity in Sub-Branch Poppy Sales has been improved. Pre-selling to chemists and small businesses has been successful.  In addition, active selling by Sub-Branch members on Poppy Day proved successful in 1991, net income to Sub-Branch funds being $418, with an equal amount being remitted to Anzac House for credit of WA Aged Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen’s Relief Fund.

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