The following list comprises the members who originally formed the North Beach Sub-Branch in 1945.

President: Tom Greenshields

Secretary: Charles D A’Vard

Treasurer: Arnold Hodder

Also, Dick Bennett, John Henderson, Dick Bentley, John Turner and four others. (A fire destroyed the records in 1961.)

53 Financial Members in 1956.

EL Barbera BC Barry JB Barry RH Bentley
J Bryon G Cameron EJ Caplin WL Cargeet
NWN Clarke RK Delvin L Edmett PF Emery
H Fowler W Gladstone D Gordon H Gordon
B Gorman MH Guhl EA Gunn M Hall
J Hartley R Hayes W Hayes L Hodson
JW Hummel F Kent B Long D Long
R Miller D Mitchell L Moviey S McKenna
PA Nicholls W North CA Nunn E Parks
R Parks F Parker HS Penny D Phillips
L Picknoll AJ Rees LD Reed E Riley
JJ Sherriffs DD Smyth D Spence A Till
R Toby F Troughton EJP Vegter CL Wall
M Wilkinson

In the April 1961 minutes, the first minutes that exist after that record destroying fire, we note that N.Clarke presided, others present being Reg Miller, Frank Kent, Barbera, McKenna, Picknoll, Troughton, Alec Gunn, V. Durkan, Trudgian and Flick.  There were apologies from Gordon, Long, Hays, Bennett and McEvoy.

It is quite obvious that the dire financial position of the Sub-Branch, the advent of TV and the introduction of Lawn Bowls had an adverse effect on Membership.  By June 1972 there were now only 25 financial members.  During July 1972 the President sought permission to dispose of the premises as they were considered to be unsuitable for a current meeting place and the Sub-Branch could not afford the cost of upkeep.  He emphasised that the Sub-Branch would continue to function, nevertheless.  Some monthly meetings during the next few years were held in the Surf Club building, later in the Rugby Club House, down near the North Beach Jetty, whilst other meetings were held at the Castle Hotel.  Attendances ranged from 5 to 21, but mostly about 12.  Lethargy still appeared to be the enemy, for in 1976 it was resolved not to hold an Anzac Day Service.  A Membership drive on a State basis was to be supported.

The Sub-Branch was occasionally holding a social.  The July 1974 meeting recorded that the success of the social at the now Bowling Club should bring in more members.  The last meeting held at the Castle Hotel was in April 1975 and the June meeting resolved to hold all future meetings at the North Beach Sportsman Club, which is now the North Beach Bowling Club. Bowls were starting to interest the members, for Jack Sherriffs was urging them to join the RSL Bowls section. (See RSL Bowls in Recreation etc.)

he June 1975 decision to move to the now Bowling Club for all meetings appears to have been beneficial to the membership drive.   It was not the only reason for the increase in membership. Finance was not a problem because the land in North Beach road was sold in 1973. There must have been a State decline in membership as in 1976 the Headquarters of the RSL was conducting a State drive.

Let us not forget that at this time, over quite a number of years, there was an adverse Public Opinion building up of the Nation’s involvement in the Vietnamese War. It was not until the early nineties that Australia and America began to recognise that our Armed Forces in Vietnam should have been recognised years ago.  The men and women had performed their tasks loyally, bravely and efficiently.   It was not until 3 October 1992 that a National Memorial in Canberra was officially dedicated. America was planning to have a ceremony during 1993 to recognise the great services of their women in Vietnam thirty years before. As far as North Beach was concerned the membership drive was successful.

At the December 1976 Sub-Branch meeting the Secretary, Merv Hall, was thanked for his efforts that had earned the Sub-Branch another pennant for the membership drive.  By December 1977 the total had grown to 78 and to 85 the following December.  At the March 1979 monthly meeting 39 members attended, although the average of that time attending would be about 18.

In May 1978 Frank Vicary who had attended fairly regularly took over as acting secretary from Frank Kent. Frank apologised for his absence during the next five months.  Although this epistle is a history, it is only intended to give a sample of office bearers appointed from time to time. It is not intended to produce a mundane, boring document.

Here is the result of the election of officers held in December 1978.

President M. Hall
Senior Vice President H Gordon
Junior Vice President B Lethlean
Secretary F Vicary
Treasurer L Movley
Auditors B Boyle and J Dyer
Steward P Robins, B Long and S Jones

As the membership grew it was found that not all members knew each other, so it was decided to buy thirty name badges as an experiment. It must have been successful for a few months later, May 1978, it was resolved to acquire more badges. The practice of wearing name badges was short lived, as by 1980 not many, if any, wore their badge, and the newcomer floundered for quite a few meetings to learn the identity of the different members.

Nita Rangott became the first lady member to join the Sub-Branch, the auspicious occasion being 2 June 1981. Considerable discussion had taken place at the previous meeting to meet a little earlier, and members to bring their wives in order to make it a special night. However, it was finally resolved to keep things on an even keel and conduct the meeting as normal. Merv Hall, the President, welcomed her and presented Nita with her RSL badge. Shirley Evans must have joined about the same time, for both ladies were scrutineers at the following Annual Elections. Shirley later joined a City Sub-Branch that is an Ex-Servicewomen’s Sub-Branch.

At the June 1981 meeting Bud Warrek attended. He was the first ex USA Navy member to join the Sub-Branch. To mark the occasion, he was presented with his RSL badge by Frank Vicary.

By December 1981 membership had grown to 171 but decreased to 164 the following year. This decrease is a little puzzling, as during the year, October 1982, the Constitution was changed thus making any service or ex-service personnel, with six month’s service in any of the three branches of the Services, eligible to join the RSL. By the end of 1984, the numbers had dropped to 158.  170 Members as at 31st December 1991.

Anderson J Armstrong E.R Avery D Barnet P.R
Barnett L.A Batten F.C Beaton R.M Bennett L.W
Billing F.A Boardman W Borshoff D.J Boyle J.A.H
Bray P.W Brennan D Brining R Brown W.J
Burgess E.C Burgess G.A Burton R.T Calder F.J
Cameron B.M Campbell C.T Carter G.S.C Carwardine K.B
Cass F.W Cassidy D Catt N.C Chambers A.K
Chapman A.C Clarke T.c Clutterbuck A.H Cooper E.C
Coughlan R.W Cragg S Cunningham A.M Dare G
Dargie P.L Dickinson J Douglas G.J Duncan A.K
Dyas E.G Dyer J.M Etheridge C.J Eurell S.F
Evans NC Falconer C Few J.B Floyd K.R
Forkin J.P Forlonge C.W Frankland J Gawthorpe D
Gilchrist B.W Gilchlist W.E Greensmith T.M Grose A.J
Haley K.L.F Hall M.C Hamilton F.L Hancock R.
Harris J.W Hastings R.W Heath F.B. Heathcote B.E
Hemsley R.J Hepton W.J. Hill J.B Holley .P.J
Hollywell F.R. Hopkins D.R Huller C Hume F.A.
Humphries D.C Imms W.E Jenkins A. Jewell M.A.J
Johnston. E Jones A.M. Joyce K.P Kenny B.J
Kent A.G.S Kent F.A Koch W.F Langdon R.J.
Langdon R.E Langridge I.J Lawrence A.J. Lea G.T
Leed G.B Lively M.W. Loader G.R Long P.J
Lynch C.V. Manners C.R Mansell W.T Massey M.
Mell AW Middleton D.J Moncrief S.T. Morien J.C
Morris K.H Movley L.P Moyle D.R Munro I.J
Mun•ay D.E.R. Nash P.H.W Needham R Nevin P.R.
O’Cain AG Oversby J Panton D.H. Paton R
Perrian D.G Pitt W.J. Poake D.F Porritt A.E
Price A.H. Price M.H Prosser A.J Pursell F.
Rangott N.E Reid E.B Rice A.E. Richardson P
Riley R.H Rock G. Rogers S.G Rutherford G.C
Ryan E.C. Sands J.E Schulze T.C Shaw J.B.
Sherburn J.W Sherriffs J.J Skinner W.H. Slater H.J
Smith W Smith KC. Smith V.W Snell LT
Snook G.G. Somers W.J Stevens F.G Stewart NA
Storey C.J Sullivan J.B Summers B.W. Thame R.E
Tindale J.J Tomlinson R.E. Toy s.l Treen R
Van Rooyen T. Vaughan G.E Wall G.A Waller D.R
Warrek R.A Waters H.T Wayman A.E. Webster E.J
Weigand E.V Weir W.M. Wells D.G Whedon G
Wilkinson L. Willock T.E Wiseman G.G Wood R.S.
Wootton R.E Wright D.W.H.
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