The Womens Auxilliary

The inaugural Officers of the Women’s Auxiliary, which was formed about 1946 were

President         Mrs. Bentley

Secretary         Lola Hall

Treasurer         Ivy Burrows

Here is a list of names of some of the other ladies who were members of the Women’s Auxiliary or who assisted during the early formative days, viz 1952-54, of the North Beach Sub-Branch of the RSL. In that era the ladies were not known by their Christian names, but invariably addressed as Miss or Mrs Brown etc. Regrettably, in some cases their Christian names can not be recalled.  Unless otherwise stated, their names will be prefixed by Mrs.

Lola and Merv Hall

Lola, the Foundation Secretary of the Women’s Auxiliary, has been a constant worker in the North Beach District for the RSL, Women’s Auxiliary and the North Beach Bowling Club. Her charitable work extended to the Little Sisters of the poor in Glendalough.

Mrs Bentley’s sister, Mesdames Arnold (Ron Arnold’s mother), Bell, Edna Bettridge, Birch, Brodie, Brown, Browning, Myrna Cameron, Chapman, Clark, Elsie Clarke, Connell, Joan March, Maisie D’Avard, Trudy Duffy, Joan Fitzgerald, Gardner, Dot Gordon, Ethel Gorman, Win Greenshields, Neta Hall, Snr, Hawthorn, Header, Mavis Henderson, Higgins, Mrs Hodder, Murial Hoffman, Hutchings, Hyde, Doreen Jeffs, Barbara Kent, Dot Killeen, Laybourne, Leithhead, Daisy Miland, Miller, Mitchell, Aileen Movley, Beryl McEvoy, Joan McEvoy, Betty McKinney, McLennan,(2), Jane Okely, Palmer, Park, Lena Richards, Phyl Somers, Pat Scott, Glad Taylor, Joan Thomas, Charlotte Tolmie, Troughton, Nell Trudgian, Gwen Vicary, Thelma Washing, Woods, Myra Wright.

These willing ladies paid a 40 cent fee to register as members of the Auxiliary. A major program during 1952 was to provide Christmas parcels for the members of the services serving in the Korean conflict. Perhaps it is another saga of our loyalty to those who defend us does not manifest itself until many years later. Yet it is never too late to honour the men. Perhaps the Memorial on the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve can have a suitable plaque placed.

Dot Gordon was the original Green Fingers. Many varieties of garden plants were struck in her green house at her home. At all the fetes and stalls Dot’s garden plants were in keen demand. She raised a lot of money for the RSL and Women’s’ Auxiliary. Once a month two representatives of the Auxiliary visited the Little Sisters of the Poor in Glendalough with gifts and sundry items. On one occasion smoking pipes were requested and supplied. Today that would be frowned upon.

It is noted that at a card party Mrs. A. Richards raised $5, a substantial amount in 1953. Other methods of raising money were by fetes, sale of garden produce, home made jams, home made clothes, raffles, a chocolate wheel (Police licensed) and you know what. The Women’s Auxiliary wound up its affairs up about 1959 as there appeared to be a lack of interest and the difficulty of getting people to become office bearers.

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