News Review June 2024

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Message from the President


Welcome to our News Review

The Sub-Branch continues from strength to strength, and I thank all members for their participation in our events and activities.

The Dawn Service and the annual ANZAC Day Graham Edwards Football Match, which was played between the North Beach Tigers and Scarborough, was most successful.  The Dawn Service in particular, attended by approximately 8000 members of our community was the best we have had, thanks to Peter Bowring and his team.  These events had very positive feedback from our community and visiting dignitaries.

The weeks before ANZAC Day saw our members collecting at shopping centres and Bunnings Balcatta, and the result was most pleasing.  A huge thank you goes to Peter Hodgson and all of those members who put their time into this, and also to the organisations that made it possible.  Many schools invited our Sub-Branch to their ANZAC Services, and once again our members responded and were all very impressed with the involvement of the schools and their community, and the respect shown to both the occasion, and our members.

The Tour of Duty to Tasmania in March was a huge success, and most participants needed a good rest when they arrived home.  This tour was 12 months in the planning, and I am glad to say that it was a success, despite some changes made by the airlines at the last minute.

There will be some changes in the coming year with those who have been involved in organising events and meals at our General Meetings stepping down, and new Teams replacing them.  Thank you to all those involved, and all those who help out on a regular basis. 

I encourage you to keep up to date with your Sub-Branch by checking on Facebook and our Website, attending meetings on the second Monday each month (except January) commencing at 5:00pm.   I also encourage and welcome feedback on issues that are important to you, or about activities that you would like our Sub-Branch to undertake or to be involved with.

Feedback relating to our Sub-Branch, or other related issues can be directed to:

President John Rolfe:                          0439 934 036    

Secretary Wayne Koch                       0407 478 963    

I would like to thank all our members for their participation, you make the Sub-Branch what it is.

John Rolfe




January is a month that our Sub-Branch does not have a General Meeting, however our weekly sessions of walking, kayaking, cycling and coffee continue without a break.


This month started with a kayak maintenance work-party on 3 February at the Hillarys Yacht Club.  The work-party, with great team effort, had the work completed and the Kayaks are now in fine condition to take to the water each Wednesday and Friday.

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Dover RSL
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Port Arthur
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Kevin Ryan Turns 100




ANZAC Appeal, ANZAC Day and Graham Edwards ANZAC Football Match

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ANZAC School Talks 2024

ANZAC Day Dawn Service

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Mal Dwyer sings “Abide With Me”
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The Graham Edwards ANZAC Football Match

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Unveiling of Battle of Crete Memorial, Kings Park Saturday 11 May 2024.

What is Happening?

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Les (Lez) Young
  • Digital Strategy and Website Developer /Manager / Mentor currently undertaken by Helen,
  • Content Editor currently undertaken by Brian Jennings.
  • Availability to dedicate time to ensure content remains current and relevant to the Sub-Branch.
  • Ability to assess, validate and adapt recommended content to align with Sub-Branch and website needs.
  • Willingness to enhance essential skills:  This includes demonstrating good keyboard and word processing skills, ideally using Word and other Microsoft suite of systems, ability to navigate online content management systems, and learning basic photo editing.  Helen will provide training to upskill members in areas relevant to the website, and Brian will be available as needed to support and mentor members..

Welfare and Advocacy

WelfareGreg Gough Wellbeing Support OfficerMobile 0417 911
AdvocacyTed Leunig AdvocateMobile 0408 177  

We do have others in the Sub-Branch that may be able to provide support, so don’t hesitate to contact our Secretary, Wayne Koch, should contacts or support be needed.


TitlePhone NumberHours of OperationDescription
Bereavement1800 838 3728am to 5 pmA bereavement payment is designed to help with the costs that may follow the death of a pensioner or a current or former serving member. The bereavement payment may depend on when the person who died was injured
Commemorative Grants1800 020 283 Enquiries regarding Saluting Their Service Grants Program which aims to preserve Australia’s wartime heritage and to involve people throughout the nation in a range of projects and activities that highlight the service and sacrifice of Australia’s service personnel in wars, conflicts and peace operations.
Community Nursing1800 838 372 Community Nursing
Defence Service Home Insurance1300 552 662available 24/7 for emergency claim assistanceComprehensive home building insurance cover tailored to the Defence community
Defence Service Home Lending1800 722 000 Housing loans to recognise the contribution of those who have served in the Australian Defence Force
DVA Feedback1800 838 372 8am to 5 pm Monday to Friday
General Enquiries1800 838 3728am to 5 pm Monday to FridayGeneral inquiries (calls from within Australia)
General Enquiries – International+61 2 6289 11338am to 5 pm Monday – FridayGeneral enquiries (for international callers.)
Nominal Rolls1300 780 133 A Nominal Roll is a list of the names of veterans who have served in a particular conflict in which Australia has participated.
Office of Australian War Graves1800 838 3729am to 5.30pm Monday to FridayEnquiries regarding war graves eligibility.
Open Arms National1800 011 04624 / 7Open Arms Veterans and Families Counselling
Prescriber Information1800 552 580  
Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)1800 550 457 The Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) Enquiry Line exists to enable ease of access to prescribers, suppliers, clients and internal staff to submit RAP related questions, accounts and requests.
Transport Bookings1300 550 4558am to 5 pm Monday – FridayThis line allows veterans their representatives and health providers arrange taxi transport to medical appointments under the BCWD scheme.
Transport Claims1800 838 3728am to 5 pm Monday – FridayThis line allows veterans and the representatives to contact Transport staff members to make enquiries regarding their travel reimbursement eligibility and to check on progress of claims previously lodged.
Treatment Card Inquiries1800 838 372 Treatment Card Inquiries
Use of the word Anzac1800 838 372 All enquiries around the use of the word Anzac.
VAPAC1800 552 580 The Veterans’ Affairs Pharmaceutical Approvals Centre
Veteran & Community Grants1800 020 283 Information on the Veteran and Community Grants (V&CG) Program which is to maintain and improve the independence and quality of life for members of the Australian veteran community by providing funding for projects that sustain or enhance health and wellbeing.
Veterans’ Home Care Assessment1300 550 450 Veterans’ Home Care Assessment Agency
Veterans’ Review Board1300 550 460  
War Graves – Individual Commemorations1800 838 372 War Graves, individual commemorations

What’s On The Radar

Christmas in July

image 7

Coming Soon

SASR  Wed August 28
RAAF Museum  Wed September 25
Chidlows WW2  Wed October 23


image 8

The Sub-Branch always needs volunteers, and it’s not as onerous as sweeping the Parade Ground with a broom.  We are for asking assistance, if needed, for:

  • Barry Lloyd and Bill Kynaston with the General Meeting Meals’ set up, dishing up and clean up.
  • Our Drinks Trolley Stewards if they are light on with help.
  • Our Events and Social Coordinators Helen Burgess and Deb Thatcher when required.
  • Remembrance Day coordination assistance to Peter Bowring.
  • Our Appeals –  ANZAC Appeal and November’s Poppy Appeal  organised by Peter Hodgson.
  • School visits for ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day coordinated by Wayne Koch.
  • Identifying potential members’ stories that need to be written and initiate introductions for Brian Jennings.  (This can of course be your own story that Brian can help you write.)
  • Visiting and/or contacting our members who are not travelling very well on behalf of the Sub-Branch, coordinated by Greg Gough.
  • Identifying, for Greg Gough or Ted Leunig, those members who may need Welfare / Wellbeing or Advocacy support – or support from our Welfare Account.

Blast From The Past

The Listening Post 18 January 1924

“We receive numerous complaints from unfinancial members of the League who do not receive copies of this journal which they are entitled to.  The procedure is for  the State Executive Office to provide us with a list of names, etc., of members immediately the capitation fees are received, and then we post copies as per arrangement.

We are desirous that the “L.P” shall reach every person entitled to it, and advise any member not receiving it to get into touch with his Sub-Branch secretary, who will have the matter adjusted through the central office.  We counsel secretaries to write plainly when issuing receipts, and to write address as fully as possible.”

The West 12 June 1924

“The Executive of the Returned Soldiers League has decided that in view of the fact that Western Australia, in proportion to her population, did more than any other State in the war, it is only fitting that the deeds of her soldiers should be commemorated by a memorial.  To this end a committee has been appointed to investigate the question of the provision of a monument of some kind.”

(The State War memorial in Kings Park was unveiled in 1929)

The Listening Post 20 June 1924

“Canza – What price the peace, ‘Perfect lasting Peace’?  Those birds who raise the protesting hand and wear a wowser-like expression when the mere mention of defending our shores is mentioned.  These sceptics’ existence is a danger to the peace.  Ship-building tests are in progress between powers, cruel inventions are bought and sold that render war more deadly than ever, and more is coming!”

“Spot.—It is pleasing to note that the State Executive of the League is not going to allow the State War Memorial issue to be shelved, but it is to the discredit of the civilian community that such a course of action should be necessary.  In my opinion, the failure of the late appeal was due to the peculiar attitude of the State Government in failing to assist financially, after accepting the responsibility of initiating and fathering the movement.

I have heard it stated that it is indecent for the ex-soldier to be identified with a movement to erect a memorial to himself.  If I judge correctly, Diggers look on war memorials absolutely as monuments to mates who died during the war.  If it is indecent for Diggers to be identified with the erections of war memorials, it is also indecent of them to conduct and participate in memorial services on Anzac Day.  Now that the late Memorial Committee has disbanded, let the League conduct a public appeal for funds.  If that appeal also fails, Diggers and their relatives should then consider the advisability of erecting their own monument to their dead.”

And, From The Listening Post December 1921

image 9

Note:  Poppy Day collection of £290.9.0 would, applying Reserve Bank Inflation calculator, be $27,591.99 as of 31 December 2023.

Our Team

PresidentJohn Rolfe 0439 934 036WelfareGreg Gough Wellbeing Support Officer 0417 911 173
Vice PresidentPeter Bowring 0410 603 061AdvocateTed Leunig 0408 177 193
SecretaryWayne Koch 0407 478 963Parade MarshalRip Couston 0467 960 552
TreasurerDavid Potter 0498 233 263CommemorativePeter Bowring and Executive Committee 0410 603 061
WardenRob Sweet 0417 654 533 Lez Young 0407 082 438  Collections Coordinator Peter Hodgson 0458 583 869
Memorial WardenLez Young 0407 082 438 Revenue StewardBill Kynaston Jess Welfare Deb Thatcher  
Peer HealthWayne Koch 0407 478 963 Eric Aitkins 0419 954 972  StewardsStuart Young, Peter Dales, Stewart Davies, Trevor Beegan
Social ActivitiesHelen Burgess and Deb Thatcher 0417 181 025Website Developer  Helen Burgess 0403 074 519
Annual LunchPeter Bowring 0410 603 061 Lez Young 0407 082 438  Website Content, News  & Publicity

Brian Jennings 0413 605 612  

Jon McKenzie 0412 904 970

Tune in to The Listening Post every Monday 1800-2000, Capital Radio 101.7 FM, Capital Digital and from anywhere via  Perth’s only radio program specially for Defence personnel, past and present, their families and friends.

North Beach Review
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To discuss how you may contribute, contact: Brian Jennings on 0413 605 612 or email on

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