Minutes of General Meeting 10 May 2021

North Beach RSL Sub-Branch

10 May 2021

A Mandatory Contact Register was completed for all attendees in accordance with the requirements of Covid SafeWA.

Reminder Notes from Secretary:


Members are advised that details of the Joondalup Hub are on our website, along with other providers of Advocacy and Welfare support.  Joondalup Hub is contactable 24/7 on 0437 378 498.

Easy access to current and recent minutes and the Newsletter is via our website.

MEETING OPENED at 16:00, President welcomed 132 members and recited the Ode.


I take a moment to remind us all, of just one of a thousand stories of sacrifice that occurred during May.

Since 2001, 39,000 Australians were deployed in Australia’s contribution to the war in Afghanistan.  During that time 41 killed and many more injured – both physical and or mentally.

On 31 May 2011, an Australian Army Chinook helicopter crashed in Zabul Province killing 27 year old Lieutenant Marcus Case, a qualified Army Pilot, and injuring five others.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement in April that the Australian ADF would leave the country by September we remember all those who have served and are serving in Afghanistan.

Lest we Forget

We remember our member Ron Ager who passed on 21 April 2021, Photos of the deceased as well as copies of the April Minutes were placed at the front desk by Brian Jennings.

Members toasted absent friends.

APOLOGIES as Advised:

Deborah Thatcher, Garry Jones, Paul Brabazon, Stewart Davies, Bill Mott, Ron Brown, Barry Gillson, Mike Ruffin, Ed Holzheimer, Ron Parker.


Rotary Club of Karrinyup representatives Dawn Palm & Ross Daniels are distinguished visitors and were  invited to step forward.  They spoke generously on a compatible relationship between our organisations and recognised our contribution to the community at large.  

They were pleased to make a presentation to our Rob Sweet for being nominated for, and the Runner-Up of Rotary Club of Karrinyup’s Michael Chin Humanitarian Award, for his outstanding contribution to the North Beach RSL, Veterans and their families over a number of years.

Any other visitors: Nil.


2 New Members introduced themselves:

  • Bill Cody – Army from 1968, 6 RAR Vietnam 1969/70. Then defied death with 21 years in Catering Corps. Well played.
  • Ray Carroll – back again, resuming after a break, served with Greg Gough, 1 Field Sqn Tunnel Rats, 1968-69 in Vietnam. Welcome back Ray.
  • Correction of new member’s name in minutes of last meeting. Tony Beekwilder.


Minutes of meeting 12 April 2021 were read.

Moved by Colin Benporath and Seconded by Jack Panossian that “the Minutes of the previous meeting be accepted”.  Carried.



  • RSLWA – advised on flag protocol for Prince Phillip.
  • St Johns Red Cross- confirmation of First Aid Training
  • RSLWA advice on Australian Values.
  • RSLWA advice that they intend to have day where they have an Anzac Day Reflection
  • RSLWA survey on how we think they are performing.


  • 3 Agenda Items submitted to RSLWA, Welcome to Country (Yes), Memorabilia in Anzac House & Reception area – for General Business.
  • 5 delegates nominated for Sate Congress to be held on 12 June.
  • Email sent to Veterans Transition Centre at Jarrahdale asking if they could use our help in any way.
  • Email sent to RSLWA thanking them for the hampers they delivered to 5 of our WW2 Veterans.
  • Email sent to Councilor Karen Caddy thanking her for her assistance with Anzac Day.

Business Arising from Correspondence:

RSLWA Survey. 

Meeting was asked for input on RSLWA Survey.

  • George Young advised that in his opinion there was a lack of Advocacy, that head office was top heavy and poor competence amongst new staff in particular. There is a need to advertise to acquire people capable of understanding and doing their roles.
  • Feedback from Bev Benporath, David House, Alex Lennox and the floor generally re inappropriate delegation, aloof and unfriendly access to a now corporate style Anzac House, as well an appalling flick of correspondence in relation to “Partners of ‘living’ Veterans”
  • Peter Aspinall as RSLWA President is too far away to oversee situations in a timely manner, to be the spokesperson for RSLWA and that the CEO John McCourt and other delegated officers not readily in touch or available.
  • Functions and Public Affairs Officer, Paul Thomas is well respected, and customer focussed.

The President assured members present that these matters shall be strongly pursued.

Acknowledgement of Correspondence matters,

Moved by Greg Young Seconded by Peter Gorddard and the Floor.                      



Treasurer David King provided a comprehensive report and Balance Sheet of our finances and provided a copy for each table.  An explanation of financial transactions and account balances was provided. 

Business Arising from Treasurers Report

Final receipts for Anzac Wardens Police Certificates being followed up. Treasurer shall be an over stay in Darwin and absent from next meeting, however an acting Treasurer will be available.

Moved by Arthur Greaves and Seconded by John Riley: that “the Treasurer’s Report be accepted”. Carried.

Banking Motions

Following discussion, the Executive presented the following Motions:

Motion 1 – Debit Card.

The President advised that the North Beach RSL need to pay some suppliers by Debit Card.  To open a  Debit Card Account we need a motion passed saying the Sub-Branch approves.

The Motion is:

“North Beach RSL Sub-Branch Members approve the opening of a Debit Card Account.”

Seconded by Member  Glenn Curtis.

Motion Passed.

Motion 2 – Internet Banking.

The President advised that the North Beach RSL need to pay some suppliers by Internet Banking.  To be able to access Internet Banking we need a motion passed saying the Sub-Branch approves.

The Motion is:

“North Beach RSL Sub-Branch Members approve Internet Banking for use on their  ANZ Accounts

  • General Account,
  • Welfare Account,
  • Tour of Duty Account.

Our Sub-Branch procedure that after Executive Committee approval, any one of the Three Executives (President : Secretary : Treasurer) to make payments using Internet Banking.”

Seconded by Member  Greg Young.                      

Motion Passed. 


Web Page 

Secretary reported:

An article on Jack Meyer appeared in the last Listening Post & he was interviewed on Channel 10 News.

Community Newspapers had a double page write up in the Stirling Times the Thursday prior to ANZAC Day with Members Geoff Pope, Wayne Koch, Peta Connolly and Brian Jennings photographed at the memorial.

Peta Connolly, her daughter and Wayne Koch took part in an ANZAC Day promotion by the City of Stirling.

Rogues Gallery.  Members were advised that photos are needed for our Rogues Gallery on our Website. Members were advised to see Brian Jennings or Jon McKenzie, to be photographed.


Trevor McEntyre advised that uploading veterans’ stories onto our Web Page has generated interest in the media. The interest that this has generated can be seen by publications in The Listening Post, The West, Community Newspapers, Channel 10 & 6PR Radio.  Recently RSLWA sent out a link to Australian Values where there are videos of various veterans from different ethnic groups who have served in our Defence Forces.  

The Secretary recommended that similar short videos of veterans telling of their service would enhance our Web Page even more, focussing initially on our WW2 veterans and then move to younger veterans.  

To make those videos one way is to have a school’s or schools’ Media/Photography Depts set their students an assignment to produce 2 or 3 minute videos of say 3 or 4 veterans (depending on numbers of students).  To motivate the school to participate we could donate some money for their use.


Trevor McEntyre proposed that Carine High School be asked to make videos (as in Australian Values) of our veterans suitable for uploading on to our web page, and that we ask the school how they would like us to support them.

Seconded: with comments noted, David House.       Carried.


Greg Gough advised:

Frank Pierucci back problems continue but at least stable.

Terry Newman, at home and reasonably stable,

Gough advised that he is following up on Terry Pryer as he soldiers on.

Peer Health

Alex Lennox advised:

St John First Aid Courses, for 16/17 June filled to capacity and Wayne Koch is confirming the final 20 participants.

Invoices to Treasurer for payment, and Venue Liaison at Anzac House with Paul Thomas has been excellent.

Anzac Day

Barry Lloyd reported:

Our effort to gain approval and organize was successful and all involved should be congratulated, even though the event was cancelled due to Covis-19.  Barry advised that he is to arrange a meeting with City of Stirling Executive Mike Quirk and Councilor Karen Caddy to sort out the back-office issues and lessons learnt.

Organisation for Remembrance Day has now commenced.

We were unable to consider any “Poppy” distributions due to Covid-19 restrictions as well as uncertainty of supply, with Remembrance Day being the primary focus.

Anzac Day School Visits

Secretary reported that North Beach RSL members visited 27 schools, football matches or retirement homes for Anzac Day addressesSome members visited more than 1 school & there has been no negative feedback.  Well done to all those members.

From the floor Jeff Fogarty again encouraged others to become involved.

Social Activities Coordinator 

Paul McGuinness reported:

  • The next outing is to the Perth Mint on Friday 14 May. Bus leaves Hillarys at 10 returning about 1430.
  • Arrangements to be advised separately to those attending.

Christmas Lunch

John Rolfe reported:

  • The venue for this year continues to be investigated by John Rolfe & Paul McGuiness and a decision will be made soon.


80 members paid for meals (plus WW2 and Korean Veterans who, courtesy of our Sub-Branch, don’t pay for their meal).  Dinner Arrangements – Ladies and Older Veterans to be given the usual courtesy of “First Serve” of our Caterer Kenny’s excellent Thai Green Chicken Vegetable Curry and Rice.

Thanks go to Trolley Guns, Young & Dale; and serving and clean up members Gorddard, McGrath, McGuinness, Robinson, Dwyer and Healy.

Raffle Winners: Smiling Faces noted of Geoff Thomas, Glenn Curtis and Graham Bourne,

MEETING CLOSED – 17:20 hours Monday 10 May 2021.

NEXT MEETING – Monday 14 June 2021at 16:00



Our North Beach Memorial

The Memorial Precinct on the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve is owned and maintained by the City of Stirling and administered by the Sub Branch. The area includes the Monument, Wall of Remembrance and the “Lone Pine” tree.  Plaques on The Wall of Remembrance recognise the service of deceased members of the Sub Branch.

John Rolfe is the current Warden, and arranges the unveiling of plaques on Remembrance Day each year. (6 weeks prior notice required before unveiling of plaques)

Our Commemorative Committee

Our Commemorative committee organises ANZAC Day Dawn Services, and planning for the Remembrance Day service.
Funding for the Dawn Service is mainly from Lotterywest and the City of Stirling.

Our Groups

Walkers meet Wednesday and Friday, southside of Hillarys Marina from 08:00-08:45 for a stroll or controlled stagger along the coast.

Our kayakers meet up at 08:00 in the Yacht Club carpark for a paddle and pick up debris from the Boat Harbour.

Our cycling group is also gaining in numbers.

All Members are welcome to join our Coffee and Talk Group that meet on the south side of Hillarys Marina each Wednesdy and Friday from about 09:15 – Look for the sign.

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