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The History of the North Beach Sub-Branch of the RSLWA 1945 – 1991

Accurate recording of the history of the North Beach Sub-Branch has been hindered by records prior to 1962 being destroyed by fire.  The early history from 1945 has been documented in our book.

Much of the information of our early years came from research, and from formation and long term members of our Sub-Branch.

In the early 1940’s, North Beach was a relatively slow growing and remote suburb of Perth.  Transport services were poor, it was undeveloped with a few houses, sandy roads, limited reticulation of water and no sewerage.  Few people lived in the area.

Service and ex-service related personnel of North-Beach who had joined the RSL participated with the Yokine Sub-Branch.  It had been established after the First World War and had its own building situated near Dog Swamp.  The members of the RSL soon realised that there were quite a few of their fellow service personnel in the North Beach area, and that it was time to form a Sub-Branch.  The Charter for the North Beach Sub Branch was granted on 14 June 1945.

One of the earliest mentions of the North Beach Sub-Branch of the RSLWA was published in The West Australian of the 12 November 1945.  North Beach was allocated the Bus Stops outside Supreme Court Gardens to sell poppies, and outsold other Sub Branches.

North Beach Surf Club

The first meeting was held during 1945 at Tom Greenshields’ “The Jetty Tea Rooms” on the southern corner of Malcolm St and West Coast Drive.  Meetings were held at various premises, including at the North Beach Surf Club – opposite Malcolm Street, North Beach.

A block of land that was purchased in Flora Terrace was sold in the 1960’s to acquire a larger block of land that had a shed on it.  This was subsequently sold, and the Sub-Branch became financial. 

From June 1975 future meetings were held in the Sportsman Club, now the North Beach Bowling Club.  The finances of the Sub-Branch allowed it to make donations, including to the Mount Lawley Veterans Homes, and financially assisted the Sportsman Club with modifications to its Clubhouse.

From that date the Sub-Branch has grown to well over 300 members with monthly attendance averaging 120.  It has become an active, participative, successful and supportive Sub-Branch.

Social activities and member involvement was an important function in the formation years of the Sub-Branch.  It focussed on the members and their families, particularly during the post war period in the 1940’s in a suburb that was relatively remote.

This culture of inclusion and support has carried through to the present time and this is illustrated by the number of social events and “tours of duty” undertaken.

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