Minutes of General Meeting 12 October 2020

MEETING OPENED at 16:00, President John Rolfe welcomed a healthy attendance of 131 members and recited the Ode. 

HOMAGE to the Second Division which on 5 October 1918 fought its last infantry battle of the War with a cost of 430 casualties.  It was a small but successful attack at Montbrehain.  From that date the Division moved into reserve, and only a few Australian units, the flying corps and some tunnelling companies, were still in action until the Armistice

Members toasted absent friends.


16 apologies were recorded.

VISITORS – See New Members.


Attending as below, and indicating joining:

  • Kevin Green                  4 RAR, National Service and Vietnam 1970.
  • John Petrie                    Vietnam Veteran, serving with the SAS.
  • Owen Perry                   Australian Army Transport.
  • Brian Meade                  Ex RAAF and Qantas.

All roundly acknowledged and welcomed.


Minutes were read. 

Moved by Arthur Greaves and Seconded by Mal Dwyer, that “the Minutes of the previous meeting be accepted”.



Correspondence In

1. Remembrance Day package for D. Chester (Vet Affairs)

2. RSLWA Putt for Poppy golf day.

3. Legacy advised the 50th Militaria Auction on 25th October at Claremont Showground

4. Long Tan Golf Day from Peter Fox.

5. Veterans Health Week funding advice.

6. Legacy advised of Xmas Puddings available.

Correspondence Out.


Business arising from Correspondence:

Secretary advised that research to date confirms the outstanding and ongoing Sub-Branch service of Greg Young.  However, the application criteria for a City of Stirling Citizenship Award requires extensive service in areas other than our Sub-Branch or RSLWA.

Suggestions from the floor be will followed up, as well as a further interview with Greg when he returns from his outback prospecting.  Members shall be kept informed of and encouraged to formally advise the Secretary of any leads.


Treasurer David King provided an explanation of financial transactions and account balances. 

His explanation for the absence of the usual formal documentation being available for all members was accepted, and full details will be provided at the next meeting.

Moved, by Alex Lennox and Seconded by Bob Lyons that the report be accepted”



John Rolfe, David House, Barry Lloyd, Brian Jennings, Roger Hardwicke, respectively reaffirmed readiness with arrangements being timely and well in hand, summarised below:

State Congress: President John gave an informative update re the proceedings and general update on the Motions discussed.  Function was well attended but due to problems with the new RSL HQ was relocated to the Pan Pac hotel.  Proceedings were orderly amongst an atmosphere of cordiality. Our Vince Connolly was one of the guest speakers, informative and well received.

Special Matter: The President afforded the opportunity to present to our Terry Healy his award from RSLWA in recognition of 50 years membership of the RSL.  Well done to Terry and this achievement was warmly recognised by all.


David House advised that: Greg Gough is now fit and well enjoying recoup in Broome.  Nick Austin recovering well from serious brain surgery and is ok to be contacted by phone.

Memorial Warden

D. House continued and advised that Plaque annual presentations are in hand for the 4 “recipients”.

  • Please contact David, (dchouse@iinet.net.au ph. 0409 317 411), to discuss and arrange “Pre-Payment” of a Memorial Plaque.
  • David to discuss with Executive the Accounting arrangements for isolation of such funds held.

Legacy Camp Busselton

Roger Hardwicke confirmed that this year’s Busy Bee at Legacy Camp Busselton being held 1st to 6th November is on course to again carry out a sturdy work programme.  Timing of Poppy Day collection on 6 November has been absorbed.

Those planning to arrive Sunday the 1st not to arrive prior to 3.00 pm.  Any queries, contact Roger, 04190 42553 denrog@bigpond.net.au , enjoy too Melbourne Cup Day Tuesday 3 November.

  • Roger also reiterated that this has always been a team “Busy Bee” event, to assist Legacy carry on their activities assisting with Family Support within the services community.

Men’s Peer Health Co-Ordinator

Alex Lennox – no report but will advise All re events to be scheduled by the end of the year.

Remembrance Day 2020 – ANZAC Day 2021

Barry Lloyd again reported that the lead into both of the above important dates on the RSL calendar are well in hand.  Covid19 criteria required by the City of Stirling has been complied with.  Barry received a well-deserved round of applause.

Poppy Day

Steve Fletcher, also confirmed arrangements at the Warwick, Carine and Karrinyup shopping centres are all good, plus he has training in hand for Point of Sale payments.  Train Station arrangements are being managed.

Social Activities Coordinator (SAC)

Paul McGuinness refreshed All re RSLHQ lunch this Friday 16 October, need to be seated by 12.00, and North Beach RSL T-Shirt preferred but not compulsory dress.  Transport and assistance to the venue has been arranged for those requiring it, WWII Veterans, and others.  Other queries to Paul, 0417 181 025.

Paul also advised needing and extra Golfer for an event at Royal Perth Golf Club, please apply as above. Other function details being worked through and shall be advised.  

(Subsequent to the meeting, both these events were cancelled by the RSLWA)

Xmas Lunch – HYC Thursday 26 November from 11.30.”

Firm bookings at this stage are down at only 82, thus, Pres JR encouraged more attendees.

Peter Edwards: (0417 952 660), has arrangements well in hand. Booking Sheets and Cash Payments required promptly, plus prizes are still being sought.




  1.  Our David Lewis followed on with further important issues for all to consider, re pre and past death of Service Personnel. Full details can be obtained in a number of ways: Contact our Secretary herein for an emailed “DNR” info form, or David on 0414 302 085, davcat66@iprimus.com.au – Importantly, make sure you have an up to date Will, as no estates are the same and early contact with DVA/Legacy/ATO/Centrelink essential.  Care too re ongoing entitlements with Goldcard, TPI and your Service Pensions.  Also, being in care for more than 3 years may be deemed “separation”.  Members were advised to obtain their own advice, as situations differ.

After the meeting, some people asked if we had a “friendly” lawyer who could advise on Wills etc.  We had a member who is a lawyer and who has prepared a lot of Wills before he moved to SA.  He is still prepared to help our members and uses Zoom or facetime.

Recently he completed a Will for a member who is happy.  Contact:

J J Steensma


  • Web Editor, Brian Jennings advised all to search and visit “our” Web page, https://northbeach-rsl.asn.au.  You will see contents advancing nicely.  Site now contains Monthly Minutes, Information Directories and Links to appropriate services and organisations.  Members were asked to give feed-back to Brian at  jamjenb@bigpond.com or via the Contact Web Editor link on the web site’s Home Page.
  • Raffle winners were given the usual unanimous acclaim.
  • Members were asked whether there was any further General Business.  There was none.
  • President John Rolfe reminded members who have paid for a meal to allow our ladies and older veterans to be the first serves at the canteen.

Meeting Closed at 17:25

Next Meeting, 9th November 2020 at 16:00

Following the meeting, our caterer presented a fabulous meal of substantial Filo Pastry Beef/Pork Rolls, accompanied by a hearty serving of mixed vegetables.  Thanks to those who assisted to serve and clean up, including but not restricted to “Recruits”- Brown, Whitney, McGrath, M Healy, also earlier the Beverage Trolley Firm: Dale, Davies & S Young.

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Our North Beach Memorial

The Memorial Precinct on the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve is owned and maintained by the City of Stirling and administered by the Sub Branch. The area includes the Monument, Wall of Remembrance and the “Lone Pine” tree.  Plaques on The Wall of Remembrance recognise the service of deceased members of the Sub Branch.

John Rolfe is the current Warden, and arranges the unveiling of plaques on Remembrance Day each year. (6 weeks prior notice required before unveiling of plaques)

Our Commemorative Committee

Our Commemorative committee organises ANZAC Day Dawn Services, and planning for the Remembrance Day service.
Funding for the Dawn Service is mainly from Lotterywest and the City of Stirling.

Our Groups

Walkers meet Wednesday and Friday, southside of Hillarys Marina from 08:00-08:45 for a stroll or controlled stagger along the coast.

Our kayakers meet up at 08:00 in the Yacht Club carpark for a paddle and pick up debris from the Boat Harbour.

Our cycling group is also gaining in numbers.

All Members are welcome to join our Coffee and Talk Group that meet on the south side of Hillarys Marina each Wednesdy and Friday from about 09:15 – Look for the sign.

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