Minutes of General Meeting 14 March 2022

North Beach RSL Sub-Branch

14 March 2022

A Mandatory Contact Register was completed for all attendees in accordance with the requirements of Covid SafeWA.

MEETING OPENED at 17:00, President John Rolfe welcomed 78 members and recited the Ode.


I take a moment to remind us of just some of the stories from our military history.

The Australian Defence Force has served world-wide, and not all deployments received extensive coverage at the time, or since.  Two such deployments were:


In what began as a UN mission to monitor a ceasefire between warring militias but soon became a desperate battle to prevent an imminent humanitarian disaster.

1 RAR was deployed to the town of Baidoa, 240 kilometres north-west of Mogadishu in January 1993.  As the centre of non-government organisation (NGO) operations for the area, banditry and warlord intimidation were rife, with the area becoming known as the ‘city of death’.

Almost 1500 Australians served in Somalia from 1992 to 1994, four were wounded and one Australian soldier, Lance Corporal Shannon McAliney was killed.

Indonesian Confrontation

The Confrontation 1963 – 1966 commenced as Indonesia launched a series of cross-border raids into Malaysian territory, and the undeclared war came to involve troops from Australia, New Zealand, and Britain.  By March 1965 Australians were also involved in Borneo

Two infantry battalions, SAS, Royal Australian Signals, several artillery batteries, and the Royal Australian Engineers were involved.  These were supported by ships of the RAN and several RAAF squadrons.

Because of the sensitivity of the cross-border operations, which remained secret at the time, the Confrontation received very little coverage in the Australian press.

Twenty-three Australians were killed during the Confrontation.


Sadly, we acknowledge the passing of our esteemed member, Mervyn Allan PICKERING, 5714166 Army, and also RAAF on Wednesday 9 March, aged 76.

Members toasted absent friends.


There were 28 Apologies

Ron Parker, Fred G’feller, John Misztal, Eddie Rowe, Steve Fletcher, Gary Jones, Kurt Finger, Jon McKenzie, Ed Holzheimer, Alex Lennox, Tom Norris, Peter Dales, Col and Bev Benporath, Jack Panossian, Tony Beekwilder, Jeff Edwick, Bill Anderson, Denzil Simeons, Graham Edwards, Arthur Greaves, Don Martin, Gordon Williams, Phil Heritage, Rob Sweet, Allan Cockroft, Dario and Ruth Raspa,


Peter Wilksch, Engineers Irwin Barracks Karrakatta, then Victoria joining after a chance encounter with President John Rolfe.

Chaplain Martin Heffer, Army Chaplain 10th Light Horse/Reserves and now Chaplain for Army Cadets. Strong indication of participation at our Anzac Service and beyond.

Both welcomed with warm applause by members.


2 new affiliates: Kaye Macneill and Karen Caddy.


Minutes of meeting 14 February, having been available by email, website and hard copy, as required, considered as read.  Business Arising included in Agenda 14 March.

Moved by Greg Young and Seconded by Frank McGrath that “the Minutes of the previous meeting be accepted”.

Noted, All in Favour & Carried.

Secretary reminded members that easy access to current and recent minutes, our By-Laws and Annexure are via our website: https://northbeach-rsl.asn.au/ 

Additionally, there will be hard copies at the front of the Hall at meetings, and Members unable to attend meetings and who may be inconvenienced by computer access are posted our comprehensive Quarterly Newsletter.



  • RSLWA advice of “scaling back” of 2022 ANZAC Service and Parade.
  • Member David Lewis advised re ways to improve DVA response time.
  • Sub-Branch Signal.
  • RSLWA –Survey requesting feedback completed by Executive.
  • RSLWA Sub-Branch Credits and Membership update.
  • RSLWA – Advice that Duncan Anderson successful candidate State President Election.
  • RSLWA – E.O.I. invitation for Board of Directors.
  • RSLWA – AGENDA and Program 106th State Congress, 11 June.


  • RSLWA re updated Email Hosting arrangements.
  • RSLWA – advising our only Anzac Poppy venue will be Bunnings Balcatta.
  • Public Liability Certificate of Currency forwarded to Bunnings Balcatta.
  • Prelim advice, (36), to affected parties/Wreath Layers/ re curtailed/ scaled back ANZAC 2022.
  • Perth Audio Visual – Cancelled requirement.

Business Arising from Correspondence:  Nil

Acknowledgement of Correspondence matters, Moved by Peter Hodgson and Seconded by Deborrah. Thatcher. Carried by All.


Treasurer David King provided a comprehensive report and Balance Sheet of our finances and provided a copy for each table.  An explanation of financial transactions and account balances was provided.

$15 N.B.B.C. Social Membership now due to David King please.

Secretary’s Note: 2 x $50 Bunnings Gift cards held, plus ~$70 cash and some North Beach RSL Sub Branch “Keep On Running” T-shirts available.

Nil – Business Arising from Treasurers Report

Moved by Mal Dwyer and Seconded by Lez Young that “the Treasurer’s Report be accepted”

Noted, All in favour & Carried.

 106th STATE 11th June, CONGRESS MOTION: 

Regarding costs to Sub Branches due to Insurance Levy

Proposed by Rob Sweet and Endorsed by Executive Committee approval:

“Following the almost 100% increase in our Insurance Premiums this year, which is almost $10 per member.

This year $3136.64, after paying $1627.86 in 2019 and $496.41 in 2015 this increase seems excessive. As a Sub-Branch only receives $15 per member after capitation, Insurance costing $10, only leaving $5 per member to run Sub-Branch activities.

North Beach RSL Sub-Branch moves that “The annual Membership subscriptions be increased by $10 to $50 per annum with the extra $10 going back to the Sub-Branch, that is $25 each.”

In Favour:  Strong show of hands -Against – Nil


General comments from the floor seeking clarification of the type insurances will be sought by the Executive at Congress.

The Secretary will formalise the Motion wording for submission to RSLWA prior to 15 April deadline.


President John Rolfe

Drinks at Meeting 14 February.  John strongly detailed the apparent beverage stock loss at the last meeting and measures in place to avoid a reoccurrence.  If continued the Sub Branch will be running meetings at losses rather than break even.  Detailed monitoring will continue, especially during the current period of low attendances where we will accept temporarily, the modest loss in providing meals.  Well received by all.

Welfare Greg Gough:

  • Steve Fletcher recovering well from the effects of a Stroke, resting with daughter and in good spirits.
  • Peter Macander steady progress at home, should be up on his feet by years end.

ANZAC DAY. President John Rolfe advised Executive decision regarding Covid and curtailed arrangements:

  • Advised preliminary details of shortened Running Sheet:
  • No choir, screen displays or seating,
  • No sausage sizzle, or Gunfire Breakfast,
  • No schools, limited Cadet participation, March on,
  • Formal wreath layers minimised, and others welcome after 8am,
  • Members invited subject to personal health considerations.

Bunnings Balcatta 3-day Poppy and Merchandise Venue

Bunnings on 22-24 April will be the Sub Branch’s only venue and volunteer roster to be setup to maximize coverage.

Roz Whitney will conduct Card Payment Training and Coordinators to liaise with Roz for next meeting 11 April.

Further broadcast and advice to be issued. 

Peer Health – Wayne Koch/Doug Mann:

Pleased to advise that the additional participation and expertise shown by members, Jess, Deb, Trish, Julie and Kaye on the Wed/Friday Kayaking course is inspirational.  Regular members also “oarsome,” plus our Greg Young soon to detach his outrigger.  More welcomed, also walking, swimming, cycling, coffee and chat.  Hillarys/Sorento Quay venue as per our website “Activities” link, or phone a Mate.

 Web Site/Face Book – Brian Jennings/

President John Rolfe advised that RSLWA CEO John McCourt passed a complimentary comment on our well-presented and comprehensive content.

Brian advised updates including brief remembrance to Merv Pickering, also a link to Working Spirit who is conducting a programme specifically for Service and ex Service personnel transitioning to Civilian life.

Plus an important link fully supported by the Executive for the Legacy Cape to Cape Walk from 24 April. being undertaken by Jess Welfare to raise funds.

Social Activities Coordinator  Paul McGuinness

Reported on the Kalgoorlie Tour of Duty and arrangements in place to make this a success.


  • Meet at East Perth Station at 06:30am, allowing time to check in baggage.
  • Bring ample face masks and personal RAT kits..
  • Covid Vaccination Certificate to be on your phone or hard copy, along with photo ID, such as Drivers Licence.
  • Hot weather possible, all activities at own pace and not compulsory.
  • STAY SAFE and Enjoy with moderation!!


An overdue, but nonetheless welcomed and humble appreciation to a neglected “Temporary Lance Corporal” Rank was bestowed on our “SAC” Paul McGuinness by the significantly higher ranked Rip Couston and Owen Vladich.  Received by Paul and meeting with warm applause.

Other: Comments from the floor regarding the PA System, 5.00pm meeting start, Funeral notices, were quickly handled by reference back to recent minutes.

54 members paid for meals (plus WW2 and Korean Veterans who courtesy of our Sub-Branch do not pay for their meals).  Dinner Arrangements – Ladies and Older Veterans to be given the usual courtesy of “First Serve” of our Caterer Kenny’s  “Banger and Mash with mixed Vegetables/ buttered bread.

Thanks go to relief Microphone Man King, Trolley Guns, Young and Davies; and serving and clean up members McGrath, Brown, Gorddard, Dwyer, Healy and Rowles.  Raffle Winners: Smiling Faces noted: Jim Greenacre and Eric Atkins.

MEETING CLOSED – 18.10 NEXT MEETING – Monday 11 April 2022 at 17:00

Members are advised that details of the Joondalup Hub are on our website, along with other providers of Advocacy support.

Joondalup Hub is contactable 24/7 on 04370 378 498.

Our North Beach Memorial

The Memorial Precinct on the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve is owned and maintained by the City of Stirling and administered by the Sub Branch. The area includes the Monument, Wall of Remembrance and the “Lone Pine” tree.  Plaques on The Wall of Remembrance recognise the service of deceased members of the Sub Branch.

John Rolfe is the current Warden, and arranges the unveiling of plaques on Remembrance Day each year. (6 weeks prior notice required before unveiling of plaques)

Our Commemorative Committee

Our Commemorative committee organises ANZAC Day Dawn Services, and planning for the Remembrance Day service.
Funding for the Dawn Service is mainly from Lotterywest and the City of Stirling.

Our Groups

Walkers meet Wednesday and Friday, southside of Hillarys Marina from 08:00-08:45 for a stroll or controlled stagger along the coast.

Our kayakers meet up at 08:00 in the Yacht Club carpark for a paddle and pick up debris from the Boat Harbour.

Our cycling group is also gaining in numbers.

All Members are welcome to join our Coffee and Talk Group that meet on the south side of Hillarys Marina each Wednesdy and Friday from about 09:15 – Look for the sign.

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