Military to Civilian Career Exhibition

If you are transitioning from the Military, or have recently transitioned, then this will be of interest to you.

Working Spirit will be conducting sessions and exhibition on 25 March 2022

Click on This Link for details

Introducing Working Spirit

Working Spirit was launched in November 2016 by its founder Karyn Hinder.  Karyn started Working Spirit while she was still serving in the military and is still employed part-time as an Air Force Reservist.

Serving over 27 years in the military, Karyn commenced her career as a Soldier in the Australian Army in 1993 and transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force in 2005.

The idea for Working Spirit was born after a very close friend and a colleague of Karyn’s, whom she had the privilege of serving with, was going through tough times, whilst also having to deal with the stresses of finding meaningful employment and adjusting back to mainstream life outside of the ADF.

As an experienced recruiter, Karyn wanted to help her friend and other veterans facing similar issues. Drawing from her experience, Karyn has been able to connect and place nearly 150 skilled veterans with companies looking for trustworthy and hardworking individuals to fill vital vacancies.

Working Spirit’s goal is to raise awareness of veteran employability to businesses both in the Public and Private Sector whilst highlighting the workforce potential of these military veterans. Working Spirit wants businesses to “capture the talent” that comes from their military service and get our veterans hired. Veterans have many intangible skills that they can bring to the table, over and above any technical skills.

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