News Review October 2022

Message from the President

Welcome to our News Review.

Our achievements this year have been outstanding due to the support from our members.  Our ANZAC commemoration this year was a success, even though the Gunfire Breakfast had to be cancelled.  We are now on track for another successful Remembrance Day thanks to Barry Lloyd and his team, and Peter Bowring for his organising the Poppy Collection teams and locations.  We are pleased to be supported by Bunnings in being allowed to have a collection point at its Balcatta store.

Some of our proposed day visits had to be cancelled, but we continue to plan to maximise participation.  Cervantes day trip to the Lobster Factory was a success, as was that to the Leighton Battery site.  We are already advancing next year’s calendar, including our annual Tour of Duty, this time to Esperance.

I would like to remind all members that our meeting time on the second Monday of each month (except January) of 5:00pm will continue.  Now that the weather is starting to warm, I look forward to increasing numbers at our meetings and the participation of members.

The members’ contribution at Meetings that help us meet our Sub-Branch costs, is:

$10 for All members (includes the cost of 2 drinks from the Trolley during the Meeting should they choose).  $10 is the minimum meeting cost per member.

An additional $10 for ALL members having a meal.

So, for $20, members may have 2 drinks from the trolley and a meal.  Although we are not recovering total meeting costs due to our decreased attendance numbers so far this year due to Covid concerns,  as numbers increase back to normal, we hope to turn this around. 

Our Sub-Branch continues to receive positive feedback from RSLWA relating to the way in which we operate and look after our members.  This is due to our members, so thank you all.

I recently visited member Bill Fielding, his wife Jen, and family Peter Fletcher and Leonie Anderson.  Peter and Leonie generously donated to our Sub-Branch a limited edition framed copy of 11 Battalion on the Cheops Pyramid.  This will form part of our collection, and their generosity is acknowledged and very much appreciated.

Reminder – each Wednesday and Friday we kayak, cycle and walk (not at the same time) from Hillarys Marina, followed by coffee from 09:00am under the gazebo on the southern side of the Marina.   Come and join us, even if it’s for a coffee.

John Rolfe


Peter Fletcher and Leonie Anderson donating the Limited Edition print to our Sub-Branch


As usual, The Sub-Branch continues its twice weekly activities at Hillarys Marina with an increasing number of our members participating in walking, kayaking and cycling, followed by the mandatory coffee and conversation.

New participants are always welcome, even if it’s for coffee and conversation in a magnificent informal setting at Hillarys Marina.

Interested in joining in one of our groups?  Contact Wayne Koch in the first instance for information.  Wayne’s contact details are?


Phone:             0407 478 963

OR just wander down and join the crowd for a coffee.


July   Leighton Batteries and Tunnels

Thirty members took the opportunity to tour the Leighton Battery and Tunnels – an important part of Western Australian military history.  Coastal defences, known at the time as “Fortress Fremantle” protected the harbour since the first battery was installed at Arthur’s Head in 1906.  This was expanded in the 1930’s and WW2 and stretched along the coast from Point Peron, Garden Island, Rottnest, Leighton and Swanbourne.  During WW11, this was particularly important as Fremantle, following the fall of Singapore, was home to the largest submarine base in the Southern Hemisphere.

By all accounts, a great day had by all.


Purchase of Kayaks and Donation to TS Marmion

President John Rolfe handing over the kayaks to Lt Paul Clinton of T S Marmion

Jess Welfare Reports from Crete

“I managed to get to the Suda (Souda)Bay War Cemetery today via the hop on/off tourist bus which does a 40min drive around various sites in Chania but in Greek time somewhat longer!!  Had to wait awhile for the return to Chania so tried to hitch a ride back.  People just smiled and waved so obviously didn’t understand the hitch a ride gesture or I’ve lost my touch!!!  Too old!!

The cemetery overlooks the bay where the cruise ships call in.  The site is surrounded by olive trees & is a very beautiful setting.

Another European family were also there & equally touched to see so many graves of dead young men.  I asked their daughter to put a koala bear on one of the NZ graves to honour our mates across the pond.  I found a Sapper to place my little kangaroo.  He was only 19. 

I still had some poppies left from El Alamein so placed those around.

Of the ANZACS 274 Aussies killed & 671 NZs.  It was nice to bring a little something from home to leave with them.”

Well Done, Jess

Also in August, a group lunched at the ANZAC Club and were joined by State President Duncan Anderson and CEO Vince Connolly.  They later toured Anzac House and the facilities.


Wednesday September 21st saw a group undertake a day trip to Cervantes to tour The Lobster Factory and have lunch at The Lobster Shack.  A good time, and most obviously a good feed, was had by all.

AND, the prize for the largest meal goes to ……………….!!!!

Our Facebook Page is maintained by Jon McKenzie and contains up to date photos and stories that are relevant to our Sub-Branch.  Those who do not have a Facebook login, you are still able to access our Facebook Page to view.

Our Website is maintained by Brian Jennings and contains up to date news, Minutes of Meetings, information about our Sub-Branch, Links to support services, members’ stories and history.


Care is being taken in the planning of these events, so ALL our members, should they choose to participate, are being catered for. 

This will also include our participation in Veterans Health Week in October.

More information, along with dates and itinerary, will be provided as soon as it is available, but the following Events are being planned:

19 October 2022John Rolfe                 0439 934 036Veterans’ Health Week Jarrahdale
11 November 2022Barry Lloyd               0417 921 883Remembrance Day
23 November 2022Paul McGuinness      0417 181 025Annual Lunch, Hillarys Yacht Club
2023Paul McGuinnessTour of Duty – Esperance

Australian Virtual War Memorial

The Australian Virtual War Memorial was originally an initiative of RSL South Australia and has now expanded to an Australian wide initiative.

To access this site, click on this Link:  Or enter in your search engine –

VWMA’s aim is to be the outstanding national digital Memorial, acknowledged for its integrity and relevance; its respectful presentation of socio-military history and its capacity to engage and educate individuals and communities.  Its Mission is to provide a worthy home, in perpetuity, for the records and the personal experiences of all individuals who have served and the impact of this service on the individuals themselves, their families and communities.

It serves to commemorate all Australians who have served the nation in times of conflict commencing at the Boer War and Boxer Rebellion and the Great War, World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, all Middle East conflicts and all declared Peacekeeping and Peacemaking missions.

North Beach RSL Sub-Branch has entries on this site, both individual stories, and photos and description of the North Beach Memorial and the plaques within the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve.  Search for “North Beach” under Memorials.

This is a work in progress, so some detail and stories still need to be added.  Have a Look – it’s an interesting site and the Search Facility can generate relevant results. 

It also contains stories that were entered in “Remembering ANZACS” from several years ago.  Individuals may also lodge stories, subject to moderation by VWMA, that are of interest.  Should you be interest in this, contact Brian Jennings – contact details on last page of this newsletter,


Searching for the military and service history of a family member can take time and effort.  These links are the more common ones available.  A digital copy of their service records may also be available, if not, then information is available on how to obtain them.

Nominal Roll https://nominal-rolls.dvDVA’s Nominal

Military History

Military History

To obtain a copy of your own service records access this link, copy the form, complete it and send it in by either mail or email.


Mental health and suicide prevention is everyone’s business, and we all have a part to play – check in on a mate, ask them if they are okay, have a conversation and help them get the support they need.

Joondalup Hub

A Veterans’ Support Centre (Veterans’ Support Centre Joondalup (VSCJ)) is run by volunteers. The VSCJ is located at the Heathridge Leisure Centre and is open every Tuesday 1000-1600 and Thursday 1200-1800. 

The VSCJ 24/7 contact number is 0437 378 498


RSLWA Welfare can be contacted via  9287 3799

RSLWA Advocacy can be contacted via  9287 3799

More Support: 1800RESPECT open 24/7 for national family violence and sexual assault counselling.  It’s a free and confidential service.  Call 1800RESPECT (or 1800 737 732) or visit their website (

MensLine Australia provides free 24/7 help, support, referrals and counselling services for men via telephone or online.  Call 1300 78 99 78 or visit their website (

24/7 support on 1800 011 046

Open Arms provide 24/7 counselling and support to current and former ADF members and their families.  They also offer face-to-face and video counselling, online or in-person, group treatment programs, suicide prevention programs and crisis accommodation support.


What Can We Offer You:

Our members are from the Defence and Emergency Service and those who have a link to those who served.  Our Sub-Branch have members who have recently transitioned from the Defence and Emergency Services, partners of veterans, and those who have been members in excess of 50 years.

The Sub-Branch is socially active, and should you wish to join in, it:

  • Meets twice weekly at Hillarys Marina for walking, kayaking, bike riding and talking over coffee.
  • Has day tours of interest during the year
  • Undertakes a week Tour of Duty – last year was Darwin, this year Kalgoorlie.  Planning for 2023 is underway
  • Participates in DVA sponsored Veterans Health Week .
  • Commemorates ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day at its North Beach Memorial within the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve.

We can offer support, advice and information on how to contact services that offer professional help, but most importantly peer support and understanding.

Our website contains contact information relating to support services, and also information, latest news, members’ stories, Gallery of events and more. 

The Facebook Page is maintained daily, has feeds from like organisations and has a library of interesting photos from our Sub-Branch events.

The Sub-Branch also provides a Wellbeing Support role as well as Advocacy referral.  We always have someone that members can contact should advice or help be needed.  For initial contact relating to welfare matters or advocacy, contact Greg or Ted. 

Wellbeing SupportGreg Gough0417 911
AdvocacyTed Leunig0408 177

Also, refer to our website for our key contacts, or our Contacts List that is regularly emailed or available to members on request.  Should you need a copy of this, contact Wayne Koch on 0407 478 963, or Brian Jennings – contact details on last page.

COMPUTING:         BE Connected

If you use a computer (laptop, desktop, iPad, mobile phone) it pays to be aware of its capability, and also the risks involved.  This is particularly important to avoid your personal information being obtained by those who should not have it.

Teach yourself how.

Be Connected is an Australian Government based initiative empowering all Australians to thrive in a digital world.  It has online learning resources as well as a Network of community partners – the Be Connected Network – who offer support so you can develop your digital skills and confidence.

Find a local place for friendly help and advice, or join the Network to help others.

Be Connected (

If you use a computer, whether it be a desk top, laptop, iPad or mobile phone, be computer aware.  It is so easy for scammers to send emails or messages that not only seek to obtain information from you, but may infect your device.

It pays to have good virus protection software installed on your device, apart from that inbuilt with your computer (such as the windows security), and also to be vigilant.

Emails or phone calls seeking personal information of any kind need to be treated with concern.  Banks for example will never ring you to seek personal information or details of your accounts.  If in doubt, always ring your bank or institution directly, and not to any phone number provided in email, text, or phone call.  If you do online banking, log in to your account and check whether there are messages for you.

The same goes with emails or text messages, do not click on links or reply to the email or text if you are in doubt – just delete, and then clear your “bin” or “trash” folder.   Always clear your browsing history, including cookies.

If you feel that your personal information has been compromised, immediately change your passwords and / or pin numbers and contact your financial institution.

Increasingly, Facebook users’ address folders are being accessed, and so called “plausible” emails are sent, supposing from a friend, requesting information or to purchase and supply Gift Card information.  Check the sender by right clicking on the sender’s email address, this will reveal the real sender and not the name shown.  Always, if in doubt – delete.  If still in doubt “phone the friend”.

DVA on its eNews site has stated:

DVA is warning veterans to be cautious of potential scammers operating online. 

Veterans and families must be vigilant and protect themselves from any incident that may compromise their private or personal information. Read the full story for tips on how to identify and avoid scams.

If you are a veteran, or know someone who is a veteran, please pass on the following tips:

  • If you receive a phone call or letter asking for your DVA client number or banking details, do not provide them. Contact your nearest DVA office to confirm the request is legitimate.
  • Be cautious if you are contacted out of the blue by someone claiming to be from any government department requesting personal information. Always contact the organisation before responding, using contact details from a trusted source.
  • Never give personal details to someone you do not know and trust.
  • Never provide information such as passwords, tax file numbers or bank account details via email links.
  • Do not open suspicious texts or click on links or attachments in emails received from unknown or unexpected sources.
  • If you think you have provided your account details to a scammer, contact your bank or financial institution immediately.
  • If you think you have provided your DVA number to a scammer, contact the nearest DVA office.

If you, or someone you know, has been approached by someone posing as a DVA representative please contact your nearest DVA office.

If you have shared personal information and believe you may be at risk, you can contact IDCARE, a not-for-profit organisation that provides assistance and support to victims of identity theft and other cybercrime. Visit or telephone 1800 595 160.

For additional information about scams, visit – you can also subscribe to a free alert service to receive updates about the latest scams.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre also provides advice for individuals, a free alert service to help you understand the latest online threats and the ability to report online crimes via the ReportCyber page.


Now – The    Lighter    Side

Blast from the Past

Three of our current members are in this photo of the Wembley Football Club, but may have aged since it was taken mid last century.  And yes, they are still walking around and attending our meetings.  No prizes for correctly identifying the three.

(look for Michael Healy, Peter Gorddard and Owen Vladich)


This one may prove to be more difficult. 

One of the three Red Hat Ladies who meet each month at Gwelup is an imposter.

Can you pick the imposter?

A Veteran

Author nknown.

For a Civvy to understand a Veteran they should realise:

  • We left home as teenagers or in our early twenties for an unknown adventure.
  • We loved our country enough to defend it and protect it with our own lives.
  • We said goodbye to friends and family and everything we knew.
  • We learned the basics and then we scattered in the wind to the far corners of the Earth.
  • We found new friends and a new family.
  • We became brothers and sisters regardless of colour, race, or creed.
  • We had plenty of good times, and plenty of tough times.
  • We didn’t get enough sleep.
  • We smoked and drank too much.
  • We picked up both good and unhealthy habits.
  • We worked hard and played harder.
  • We didn’t earn a great wage.
  • We experienced the happiness of mail call and the sadness of missing important events.
  • We didn’t know when, or even if, we were ever going to see home again.
  • We grew up fast, and yet somehow, we never grew up at all.
  • We fought for our freedom, as well as the freedom of others.
  • Some of us saw actual combat, and some of us didn’t.
  • Some of us saw the world, and some of us didn’t.
  • Some of us dealt with physical warfare, most of us dealt with psychological warfare.
  • We have seen and experienced and dealt with things that we can’t fully describe or explain, as not all of our sacrifices were physical.
  • We participated in time-honoured ceremonies and rituals with each other, strengthening our bonds and camaraderie.
  • We counted on each other to get our job done and sometimes to survive it at all.
  • We have dealt with victory and tragedy.
  • We have celebrated and mourned.
  • We lost a few along the way.
  • When our adventure was over, some of us went back home, some of us started somewhere new and some of us never came home at all.
  • We have told amazing and hilarious stories of our exploits and adventures.
  • We share an unspoken bond with each other, that most people don’t experience, and few will understand.
  • We speak highly of our own branch of service and poke fun at the other branches.
  • We know, however, that, if needed, we will be there for our brothers and sisters and stand together as one, in a heartbeat.

Being a Veteran is something that had to be earned, and it can never be taken away.

It has no monetary value, but at the same time, it is a priceless gift.

People see a Veteran and they thank them for their service.

When we see each other, we give that little upwards head nod, or a slight smile, knowing that we have shared and experienced things that most people have not.

So, from myself to the rest of the Veterans out there, I commend and thank you for all that you have done and sacrificed for your country.

Try to remember the good times and make peace with the bad times.

Share your stories.  But most importantly, stand tall and proud, for you have earned the right to be called a Veteran!

Flogging a DEAD HORSE

The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians passed on from generation to generation, says that –
“When you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.”     

However, in government, more advanced strategies are often employed, such as:

  • Buying a stronger whip.
  • Changing riders.
  • Appoint a committee to study the horse.
  • Arrange to visit other countries to see how other cultures ride dead horses.
  • Lowering the standards so that dead horses can be included.
  • Reclassifying the dead horse as living-impaired.
  • Hiring outside contractors to ride the dead horse.
  • Harnessing several dead horses together to increase speed.
  • Providing additional funding and/or training to increase the dead horse’s performance.
  • Doing a productivity study to see if lighter riders would improve the dead horse’s performance.
  • Declaring that as the dead horse does not have to be fed, it is less costly, carries lower overhead and therefore contributes substantially more to the bottom line of the economy than do some other horses.
  • Rewriting the expected performance requirements for all horses.
  • And of Course, promoting the dead horse to a supervisory position.


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WardensAlex Lennox Rob SweetRevenue StewardJim Muscat, Bill Kynaston
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Tune in to The Listening Post every Monday 1800-2000, Capital Radio 101.7 FM, Capital Digital and from anywhere via  Perth’s only radio programme for Defence personnel, past and present, their families and friends.

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