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Message from the President

Welcome to our News Review.

Covid restrictions has made an impact on our Sub-Branch as General Meetings have been restricted and our attendance numbers have been down.  We are hoping that with the easing of restrictions we will soon be back to normal.

First. I pay respects to the passing of some of our Members, and the Sub-Branch honours their service to country and RSLWA.  Lest We Forget.

Francis Derek (Frank)Leslie

10 January 2022

John James (Jim) Molloy)

23 January 2022

Mervyn Allan Pickering

8 March 2022

John Raymond THORBURN

5 April 2022

Althogh Covid has impacted us all, we are fortunate to have had some significant achievements so far this year, and these are detailed on the following pages.  I congratulate all members who have participated in our events and meeting attendance.

Our new start time of 17:00 hours (5:00pm) for our General Meetings has commenced and we will monitor this over time.  Unfortunately, with reduced numbers at our General Meetings this year due to the Covid restrictions, our finances have also been negatively impacted.  We hope that as numbers get back to normal, this will improve.

The members’ cost for Meetings help us meet costs, and are:

$10 for All Members (includes the cost of 2 drinks from the Trolley during the Meeting should they choose).  $10 is the minimum meeting cost per Member.

An additional $10 for ALL Members having a meal.

So, for $20, Members may have 2 drinks from the trolley and a meal.  Although we are not recovering costs of meetings due to our decreased numbers so far this year, as numbers increase back to normal, we hope to turn this around.  I encourage all our members to support your Sub-Branch and continue to do the right thing.

Our achievements this year have been outstanding. 

  • The Australia Day Awards in January recognised the efforts of our Sub-Branch.
  • Our Tour of Duty to Kalgoorlie was enjoyed by all, and forged a relationship with the Kalgoorlie RSL Sub-Branch and 16 Battalion based in Kalgoorlie.
  • The ANZAC commemoration was a weekend event that proved to be very successful with:
  • Collection at Bunnings Balcatta over the weekend from Friday boosted Sub-Branch funds and positively exposed our Sub-Branch.
  • The traditional ANZAC Day Football match at North Bach Football Club was a success and facilitated our ongoing relationship with the youth of that organisation and helped them better understand the value of commemorating those who served.
  • Our Dawn Service, even though it was scaled back due to Covid, was a huge success and had overwhelming support from Sub-Branch members, the Community and families, serving and ex serving members of the community, particularly younger veterans. An estimate of well over 2000 attended which was excellent when we were anticipating about 500.

I would like to congratulate Barry Lloyd and his team for the ANZAC Dawn Service under very difficult circumstances relating to Covid restrictions, and all those members involved in giving their time in making our events this year a huge success.  You are all the backbone of our Sub-Branch, Thank You.

On behalf of your Executive at the Sub-Branch I thank all our members for their ongoing support and participation.  I also thank all those members who continually work quietly behind the scenes in making our Sub-Branch such a success.

John Rolfe



The Sub-Branch has continued its twice weekly activities at Hillarys Marina with an increasing number of our members participating in the walking, kayaking and cycling groups, followed by the mandatory coffee and conversation.

New participants are always welcome, even if it’s for coffee and conversation in a magnificent informal setting at Hillarys Marina.


In January, RSLWA awarded eight Australia Day Council Achievement Medallions at its annual Australia Day Awards event at ANZAC House.  These awards recognise the efforts of RSLWA members who have excelled in their dedication and commitment to the organisation.

In keeping with the commitment of RSLWA in encouraging community based youth development  the efforts of the Australian Defence Force Cadets were also recognised.

Among the Awards were:

  • North Beach RSL Sub-Branch for the continued support of community based organisations and their members, accepted by President John Rolfe.
  • Paul McGuinness for his continued efforts to improve the Sub-Branch’s social and commemorative events.

These awards of course would not have been possible without the continuing support of all of our members, so Well Done.


Boulder Memorial

Following a successful Tour of Duty to Darwin in 2021 and after 6 months of planning, 40 veterans and members from Western Australia’s North Beach RSL Sub-Branch recently toured Kalgoorlie and immediate surrounds.  They travelled to Kalgoorlie on the “The Prospector”, and visited historical related sites dating from the 1890’s to present day mining operations, and military Museums.  This Tour was part of Sub-Branch’s annual programme to improve the wellbeing and interest its members.

Paul McGuinness and Robyn Steenbach, President of the Kalgoorlie RSL Sub-Branch, planned a full schedule for the veterans, including tours of:

  • Hannan’s Museum
  • Mount Charlotte
  • The Streets of Boulder
  • Kalgoorlie Military Museum
  • Boulder and Kalgoorlie Town Halls
  • Tour of Kalgoorlie’s Super Pit
  • Day trip to Gwalia to visit the Museum with stop overs in Menzies and the Kookynie Hotel
  • Visit to Coolgardie and surrounds.

Paul McGuinness said that “As the average age of participants was over 70, it was carefully planned so all our veterans could enjoy the Tour at their own pace.  It is important when we plan and undertake our ‘Tours of Duty’ that we consider the interest, health and capability of our veterans and Members.”

One of the highlights of the Tour was bonding with members of Kalgoorlie’s 16 Battalion over a barbeque on one of the evenings, and forging a strong relationship with members of the Kalgoorlie RSL Sub Branch.


ANZAC Day Football Match

Saturday 23rd April the Sub-Branch attended the annual “ANZAC Match” at the North Beach Football Club and conducted a commemoration service on the ground for the players and supporting members of the community.  This is always a well-attended event, and provides the opportunity to involve the younger generation in the tradition of ANZAC Day. 

All in attendance fully supported this event and feedback suggests that it is an important occasional on their calendar, and provides an opportunity for the younger generation and veterans to interact in an informal setting.

RSLWA has praised our Sub-Branch for this traditional initiative.

Dawn Service

The on again, off again, on again Dawn Service was conducted for the first time since 2019 due to Covid restrictions.  It was in a scaled back form in line with Government and RSLWA requirements, and we were unable to include our usual Schools visits, Choir, VIPs, and Gunfire Breakfast.

Barry Lloyd with the support of Peter Bowring and the organising team did a great job under very difficult and at times trying circumstances. 

An estimate of over 2000 members of the community were in attendance even though the event was not publicised to a great extent.   It was pleasing to see a lot of families, veterans and serving members from the Defence Force personnel in attendance.  A lot of comments were made about the number of young veterans who attended, and that is a good thing for them and the community.

The weather was very good to us along with the resident Kookaburras who were right on time with their morning call, as the morning sun provided a wonderful backdrop for our Memorial.  So overall, it turned out to be a very rewarding event for everyone involved.

The number expected to turn up is a very hard thing to predict but after the 2 years of cancellations we think this one was needed, not only for the veterans but the community as a whole – the kids loved it.  It would have been nice to follow up with the traditional Gunfire breakfast but unfortunately time did not allow for that to happen.

The District Officer from the Mirrabooka Police, Superintendent Valdo Sorgiovanni, attended and laid a wreath along with several other dignitaries.

Well done Barry Lloyd


Member Jess Welfare took off on the 24 April and did the Cape to Cape in aid of Legacy. 

Some of the photos on our Facebook and Website

Jess raised about $6,500.00 for Legacy, which is a great effort, and was well supported by her fellow members at the North Beach RSL Sub-Branch.  In all, Legacy benefited well over $56,000.00 from the participants in the Cape to Cape.

Our Sub-Branch has been a keen supporter of Legacy over the years, and Jess needs to be congratulated for her efforts.

AND, although she hoped, she did not sprain an ankle and had to be carried by Mitch Johnson.  Jess said, It was very rewarding to participate with such a wonderful group of people while raising money for such a worthwhile cause.”

Well done, Jess.

Our Facebook Page is maintained by Jon McKenzie and contains up to date photos and stories that are relevant to our Sub-Branch.  Those who do not have a Facebook login, you are still able to access our Facebook Page.

Our Website is maintained by Brian Jennings and contains up to date news, Minutes of Meetings, information about our Sub-Branch, Links to support services, members’ stories and history.


At a time when scams of all sorts are trying to catch us, either over the phone or online, it pays to be vigilant.   It has become quite common to received either phone calls or text messages asking for information, or the callers claiming to be from reputable organisations.  It is also becoming more sophisticated, such as emails purporting to be from an individual known to you.


With regard to phone contacts, many are obvious because of delays, poor language skills or making offers that are too good to be true.  Usually the best practice is that if you do not recognise the number, or it is from an overseas location do not answer.  The “Do Not Call Register” does not appear to make any difference in the call rate, and scammers use random phone numbers generated through their computer calling systems.

Quite a common Text message may be from someone claiming to be from an organisation wanting payment for a delivery that has been delayed.  A good practice with all text messages that you are unsure of, or can’t validate, is to delete them.

Computing and Emails

Emails are increasingly being used by scammers to gain information.  Again, the best practice is to delete them and then clear your “Bin” or “Trash” folder.  If you are unsure, on Laptop or Desktop right click on the sender’ name, or iPad or phone click on the name, to reveal the email address of the sender.  A common scam is that a Facebook or Address Book contacts may have been accessed, and scammers use a person’s name to send emails to others on the lists.  However the email address behind that name is not that of the person purporting to be the sender. In all cases, if in doubt, delete.

Cookies and Websites

Cookies are pieces of information that a website can save in your browser when it is in use.  Websites can ask your browser to save cookies whenever the browser asks it for a page, picture, download, or any other piece of information.  Until the cookie expires, the browser will keep it, and send it back to the website. 

So, are cookies bad?

No.  Cookies are essential to the operation of the web as we know it and used for many useful, helpful things.  However, cookies can also be used for things some people don’t like, such as third-party tracking, and adverts that seem to follow you around the web.  

Luckily, cookies are easy to control.  All browsers let you delete cookies and there are numerous browser add-ons that can be used to block cookies, or control what cookies you will and won’t allow.

In response to increased sensitivity about cross-site tracking, some browsers, including Firefox and Safari now block third-party cookies by default.  Google is working on an alternative, more privacy-conscious tracking technology.

So what can you do.

After you have finished with your web browsing, always clear your search History and other information.  Once you have done this, and it becomes habit each time you use the web, you are at less risk.

For example, with Google Chrome, on the top right hand corner of the screen, there are 3 vertical dots.

  • Click on the three vertical dots
  • Click on “More Tools”
  • Click on “Clear browsing Data”
  • In the “Time Range Box”, click on “All Time”
  • Check each box including “Cookies and other site data”
  • Finally, Click on “Clear Data”, then exit the screen

Similar methods can be used for other Search Engines such as Firefox and Edge.

There are alternatives.  Most Search Engines have the option of right clicking the Search Engine icon once the selected browser is open.  Then click on the New Incognito Window (in Google), New Private Window (in Firefox) or New Inprivate Window (in Edge).  This defaults the browser to not allow any form of tracking, no cookies, search history, passwords etc.  As a result, there will be nothing to clear.

If using Safari on an iPad, click the icon on the top left and choose “Private”.  Safari will then not remember pages visited, your search history or AutoFill  information.

This is not a comprehensive lesson on computers and independent advice should always be sought, but will give you the confidence to use search engines safely.  So this knowledge, combined with good Virus Protection on all your devices, will help keep your data and information secure.


Membership fees of many of our members were due by 31 December 2021.

Did you know that you can renew your membership safely and securely on-line through the RSLWA webpage?

Log onto RSLWA/Membership:

And click on “Logon Here” within the blue bar and follow directions.


Log onto the North Beach RSL Sub-Branch website:

And click on RSLWA –Membership Log in for applications and renewal

and follow directions


You may choose to pay the Treasurer at our next meeting.  The Sub-Branch can accept internet banking payments; however you will need to discuss this with the Treasurer to obtain details.

What Events are Planned

Care is being taken in the planning of these events, so ALL our members are being catered for.  This will also include our participation in Veterans Health Week towards the end of the 2022.

More information, along with dates and itinerary, will be provided as soon as it is available, but the following Events are being planned:



June 2022

HMAS Stirling

Tour of Naval Base

July 2022

ANZAC House Lunch

September 2022

Buckland Hill WW2 Tunnels

October 2022

Optus Oval

November 2022

Remembrance Day

Annual / Christmas Lunch

Australian Virtual War Memorial

The Australian Virtual War Memorial was originally an initiative of RSL South Australia and has now expanded to an Australian wide initiative.

To access this site, click on this Link:

Or enter in your search engine –

VWMA’s aim is to be the outstanding national digital Memorial, acknowledged for its integrity and relevance; its respectful presentation of socio-military history and its capacity to engage and educate individuals and communities.  Its Mission is to provide a worthy home, in perpetuity, for the records and the personal experiences of all individuals who have served and the impact of this service on the individuals themselves, their families and communities.

It serves to commemorate all Australians who have served the nation in times of conflict commencing at the Boer War and Boxer Rebellion and the Great War, World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, all Middle East conflicts and all declared Peacekeeping and Peacemaking missions.

Patron -in-Chief

  • General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK AC(Mil) CVO MC (Retd)


  • The Hon Dr Brendan Nelson AO 
  • Associate Professor Susan J Neuhaus AM CSC

North Beach RSL Sub-Branch has entries on this site, both individual stories, and photos and description of the North Beach Memorial within the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve, Kitchener Street, North Beach.  Search for “North Beach” under Memorials.

This is a work in progress, so some detail and stories still need to be added.

Have a Look – it’s an interesting site and the Search Facility can generate relevant results. 

It also contains stories that were entered in “Remembering ANZACS” from several years ago.  Individuals may also lodge stories, subject to moderation by VWMA, that are of interest.  Should you be interest in this, contact Brian Jennings – contact details on last page of this newsletter,

Family Military and Service History

Searching for the military and service history of a family member can take time and effort.  These links are the more common ones available.  A digital copy of their service records may also be available, if not, then information is available on how to obtain them.

To obtain a copy of your own service records access this link, copy the form, complete it and send it in by either mail or email.

Veterans’ Mental Health and Crisis Support

Mental health and suicide prevention is everyone’s business, and we all have a part to play – check in on a mate, ask them if they are okay, have a conversation and help them get the support they need.

Open Arms provide 24/7 counselling and support to current and former ADF members and their families.  They also offer face-to-face and video counselling, online or in-person, group treatment programs, suicide prevention programs and crisis accommodation support.

24/7 support on 1800 011 046

37-39 Reynolds Rd, Mount Pleasant WA 6153

More Support:

  • 1800RESPECT open 24/7 for national family violence and sexual assault counselling. It’s a free and confidential service.  Call 1800RESPECT (or 1800 737 732) or visit their website (
  • MensLine Australia provides free 24/7 help, support, referrals and counselling services for men via telephone or online.  Call 1300 78 99 78 or visit their website (

Our Sub-Branch

North Beach RSL Sub-Branch has one of the largest memberships in WA, and meet on the second Monday each month (except January) at the North Beach Bowling Club, Kitchener Street, North Beach commencing 5:00pm.

Entry Fee is $20.00 if you are staying for a meal following our meeting, otherwise it is $10.00.  During the course of the meeting 2 rounds of drinks will be served from the Trolley that does its rounds during the meeting.

Our meetings are well attended and usually have over 120 members present.

What Can We Offer You:

Our members are from the Defence and Emergency Service and have a link to those who served.  Our Sub-Branch have members who have recently transitioned from the Defence and Emergency Services, partners of veterans, and those who have been members in excess of 50 years.

The Sub-Branch is socially active, and should you wish to join in, it:

  • Meets twice weekly at Hillarys Marina for walking, kayaking, bike riding and talking over coffee.
  • Has day tours of interest during the year
  • Undertakes a week Tour of Duty – last year was Darwin, this year Kalgoorlie. Planning for 2023 is underway
  • Participates in DVA sponsored Veterans Health Week .
  • Commemorates ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day at its North Beach Memorial within the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve.

We can offer support, advice and information on how to contact services that offer professional help, but most importantly peer support and understanding.

Our website contains contact information relating to support services, and also information, latest news, members’ stories, Gallery of events and more. 

The Facebook Page is maintained daily, has feeds from like organisations and has a library of interesting photos from our Sub-Branch events.

The Sub-Branch also provides a Wellbeing Support role as well as Advocacy referral.  We always have someone that members can contact should advice or help be needed.  For initial contact relating to welfare matters or advocacy, contact Greg or Ted.

Wellbeing Support

Greg Gough

0417 911 173


Ted Leunig

0408 177 193

Also, refer to our website for our key contacts, or our regularly updated voluntary included Contacts List that is regularly emailed to our members.

Joondalup Hub

A Veterans’ Support Centre (Veterans’ Support Centre Joondalup (VSCJ)) is  run by volunteers.  The VSCJ is located at the Heathridge Leisure Centre and is open every Tuesday 1000-1600 and Thursday 1200-1800.  The VSCJ 24/7 contact number is 0437 378 498



Rosalind Howat can be contacted via  9287 3799

RSLWA Advocacy

Advocates can be contacted via  9287 3799

The Lighter Side

On Parade

There are many stories of our service that are remembered over the years with a smile by those present.  These are two stories of a particular CSM with a strange sense of humour.

The Battalion, during preparation for its first tour of Vietnam in December 1967 spent most of its time on exercises.  But back at Camp, “On Parade” was deemed by those in power to be just as important.

On one such occasion CSM Gazza was inspecting 5 Platoon, B Company, and on passing one digger turned sharply, and with his nose touching the digger’s nose yelled, “Private Saw, did I just see you scratch your arse”.  With trembling lips Private Saw said, “N n n no Sergeant Major, I scratched my nose”.

Without so much of a blink of an eye CSM Gazza blasted, “Well Private Saw, it looked like an arse to me”.

One of the diggers from 4 Platoon, B Company did not see the benefits of spending his pay packet getting his greens dry cleaned for parades, so purchased some starch and did it himself.  Not the best of results, but Private Coald decided to brave it out.  “On Parade, 5 minutes” came the order. 

Private Coald bravely dressed in his newly starched greens, and from 50 paces away CSM Gazza spotted him as he placed his first step on the sacred Parade Ground. 

Most of us could hear CSM Gazza taking a huge breath, before yelling in a voice that would startle the dead, “Private Coald, get orf my Parade Ground, you look like something a camel spat out”.

Such were the niceties of Parade life back at Camp. 

I’m Sick of These Blond Jokes

(Editor  – “This is an Equal Opportunity Joke”)

A man / woman walks into the doctor’s surgery and says:  “Doctor, I hurt all over”.

“That’s impossible” says the doctor.

“Look” she / he says, “When I touch my leg—ouch, it hurts, when I touch my head—ouch it hurts, when I touch my chest—ouch, it hurts—see”

The doctor shakes his head, and says “You’re a natural blond, aren’t you?”

The woman / man smiles and says, “Why yes, I am, but how did you know that?”

The doctor replies: “Because your finger is broken.”

A young guy was standing beside his car in the Coles car park, and a bloke stopped and asked if there was anything wrong. “Yes” he said, “I’ve locked my keys in the car”. “No problems, and he turned and rubbed his backside against the side of the car and all the doors unlocked. “That’s amazing” he said, “how did you do that.”  “Easy” he said, “I’m wearing my khaki pants”.

HP the Computer company is considering changing the command “Press Any Key” to “Press the Return Key” because of the flood of calls asking where the “Any” key is.

Office Bearers 2021 – 2022


John Rolfe

Wellbeing and Advocacy

Greg Gough,

Ted Leunig (Trainee Advocate)

Vice President

Peter Bowring

Parade Marshall

Stuart Leake


Wayne Koch


Barry Lloyd


David King


John Rolfe, Chris Rampant, Jim Ryle, Peter Edwards, Graham Edwards, Bernie Egan, Peter Bowring.


Alex Lennox

Rob Sweet

Poppy Day

Peter Bowring

Memorial Warden

John Rolfe

Revenue Steward

Jim Muscat,

Tom May (assistant)

Peer Health

Alex Lennox, Eric Aitkins

Honorary Chaplain

Chaplain Martin Heffer

Annual Dinner

Social Activities

Paul McGuinness


Stuart Young, Peter Dales, David Makin, Stewart Davies

Website Administrator

Helen Burgess

Website and News Editor

Brian Jennings

Tune in to The Listening Post every Monday 1800-2000, Capital Radio 101.7 FM, Capital Digital and from anywhere via  Perth’s only radio program specially for Defence personnel, past and present, their families and friends.

 If you are not receiving emails from the Secretary advising you of important events, please forward your phone number and email contact to:

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