RSLWA has a booklet of Ceremonial and Commemorative Protocols and Procedures. Our Sub-Branch operates in accordance with these.  

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Included in the Objectives of the RSL, is to ensure:

  • the preservation of the memory and the records of those who suffered and died for the nation;
  • the erection of memorials to their valour and that they have suitable burial places; and
  • to establish and preserve in their honour ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, and other commemorative occasions.

We do this by participating in remembrance ceremonies, each one having its own history, traditions, symbols and respect.  On each occassion, we remember with great respect those men and women who put their country first.  We remember those who participated, died and suffered in the service of their nation.

These stories of remembrance and symbols will help us to better understand our shared history and the importance of remembering and respecting those who went before us, and those who served.

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