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Jarrahdale Recovery and Restoration Veteran Transition Centre.  Read about how it can help our Veterans on This Link


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DVA Contact Number    

 see above Link for all contact numbers:

  • 1800 VETERAN  1800 838 372 is the general enquiry number.

DVA General Enquiries online email 

Open Arms (Veterans and families Counselling)

Links to Information Relating to Death

See also Links to RSLWelfare and Joondalup Hub above for support and information relating to Welfare and Advocacy issues.

WELLBEING  Role and Contact

Welfare covers a broad range of Wellbeing Support functions and activities undertaken by our Sub-Branch.  It assists members in accessing a full range of welfare services and support.  The types of services and support typically provided include:

  • visits to home, hospital and aged care facilities,
  • providing simple services such as driving, shopping trips etc,
  • arranging for simple domestic assistance or home maintenance service,
  • assisting with administration, organising and conducting social, family and sporting activities; and
  • provide support to a veteran’s family during time of serious illness, grief, or loss.

Wellbeing Support assistance is provided in our Sub-Branch by:

Wellbeing Support Officer

Greg Gough

Greg provides Wellbeing Support and services.  For further information on how Greg may provide you with support, please contact:

Greg     EMAIL      0417 911 173   

Wellbeing Support Officers- Peer Health Coordinators Role and Contacts

Alex Lennox and Eric Aitkins

Alex and Eric organise Peer Health activities and events that support the general welfare and well-being of our Sub-Branch Members.  This is through activities and events such as gymnasium visits and health related programs, First Aid training, Walking, Kayaking, Bike Riding, Coffee groups, group fishing trips.  Eric’s area of focus is DVA Peer Health Education.

For more information contact:

Alex      EMAIL      0409 114 298

Eric       EMAIL                 0419 954 972

LINK     DVA Mens Peer Health Education

Part of our Kayaking Group
Our gaggle of Joggers and Walkers


Please contact Trainee Advocate Ted Leunig on 0408 177 193 or email  ted.leunig@oracle.com and he will be able to work with you and the Veterans Hub in Heathridge operated by the City of Joondalup RSL Sub-Branch.

Being an ex-service person (veteran) often brings with it issues not often faced by our civilian counterparts.

As stated on the RSLWA page –

Advocacy is the act of making representations on behalf of others to ensure that they receive a fair hearing of their case or an outcome they seek. In the context of the RSL this means providing support to veterans who are seeking entitlements, based on their service, from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

RSLWA provides Wellbeing Advocacy, and Rehabilitation and Compensation Advocacy and has a wide range of documentation that provide information on its services and support programmes.


From time to time, we are offered opportunities that complement our Sub-Branch initiatives.  The Sub-Branch supports these initiatives, however members must judge whether participation is right for you.  You can discuss these with any of our Wellbeing Support Officers, or help that is available on the links provided in this Page.

The latest initiatives include:

Trigg Island Surf Life Saving Club

Trigg has invited members to participate in their Silver Salties Programme.   For information see this Link: Trigg

See Alex Lennox or Wayne Koch.

Open Arms

The Open Arms Group Program Schedule for January to July 2021 has now been developed.  Click this Link for Programme

It will be delivering a large number of treatment and psych-educational groups together with Open Arms Mental Health literacy workshops.

The majority of groups are being delivered in the metropolitan area.

If you have an interest in a particular group – please discuss with our Wellbeing Support Officers in the first instance, or contact: 

Andrea.   Group Program Coordinator – Western Australia

Open Arms on 1800 011 046    or via their Website        Tel: (08) 6461 7800    Ext: 477801