Minutes General Meeting 10 July 2023

MEETING OPENED at 17:00, President John Rolfe welcomed, 106 members and recited the Ode.


I take a moment to remind us of a significant event from July in Australia’s military history.

70 years ago this month the Korean War came to a halt on 27 July 1953 when an armistice was signed at Panmunjom, on the 38th parallel, close to where the war began. 

Over 17,000 Australians from the Australian Army, Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force served in Korea during the Korean War; 340 Australians died, over 1,200 were wounded, and 30 became prisoners of war.

We also take a moment to commemorate the life of member Geoff POPE who passed away aged 97 on Saturday 24 June.

Geoff served with the 2/13th Battalion during WW2 and took part in the last major Allied campaign in the South West Pacific to liberate Japanese held Borneo.   He was involved in a number of fairly complex reconnaissance missions of POW camps to establish the number of Japanese forces and prisoners.

Following WW2 Geoff served with 66 Battalion, British Commonwealth Occupation Force in Japan based in Hiro, just south east of Hiroshima.  He was discharged late 1947.  

Geoff had been a member of the RSL in Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia since 1947.


Members Toasted Absent Friends.

APOLOGIESApproximately 39 noted by the Secretary by RSVP emails and advised in the register recorded by attending members.  Many thanks.

NEW MEMBERS/VISITORS / GUESTS.  Very buoyant, New members attending: Gino and Angie Cinelli (RAAF), Patrick Bercene (2 SAS Medic), and guests, Graeme Sherriff visiting from Highgate, and soon new member, Steve Mott Busselton President, Tony Krsticevic, Coastal Ward Councillor, and guest speaker “our” Vince Connelly.  All heartily welcomed.


Minutes of 12th June, having been available by email, website, and hard copy, considered as read.  

Moved by Helen Burgess and Seconded by Greg Young, that “the Minutes of the previous meeting be accepted”. 

Business arising as below and actioned as appropriate in Committee Reports.

Noted, All in Favour & Carried

Secretary again reminds old & new members that easy access to current and recent minutes, our ByLaws and Annexure, social events, community involvement, Welfare links, your Executive contacts and more, are readily available via our website: www.northbeach-rsl.asn.au

CORRESPONDENCE IN & OUT – Includes – Pending/ReciprocalAgenda items included below from our Executive Management meetings of Friday 7th July 2023.  

RSLWA Sub-Branch Signal and associated information updates/Last Post/Listening Post.

RAE Sappers AGM Sunday 16 July, S/Sausage Sizzle and refreshments. 0409 019 518.

Graham Edwards will speak at the Sandakan Service, Kings Park, Sunday 20 August, attendance urged.

Asset Register: Review completed, remains a live document.

Our AGM on 14th Aug 2023 –Positions of Secretary and Treasurer subject to election.  Nominations close 14 July 2023.   Lez Young appointed as Returning Officer.  Refer toLez, lezyoung12@gmail.com  or mobile 0407 082 438.   Nominations for both positions are displayed on our Notice Board.

October Veterans Health Week proposed activities, DVA to advise.

Annual Sub-Branch Insurance Questionnaire, due Friday 28 July, important, with Treasurer and coordinating with President, Secretary, and Peter Hodgson.

Also due by 31/10/23 after our AGM, RSLWA Financial Returns.

Refer to Committee Reports.– for Business arising from Correspondence

Acknowledgement of Correspondence matters, Moved by Bob Lyons, and Seconded by Steve Fletcher.  Carried


Long Serving Treasurer David King provided a comprehensive Cash at Bank report of our monthly finances and provided a copy for each table.  An explanation of financial transactions and account balances was provided, included as always, line by line All Transactions for the preceding month.

*Some Annual Memberships OVERDUE, & $15 N.B.B.C. Social Memberships Now due.  Allows us to use these premises with limited overheads.  Check with Treasurer and Management Committee.

An Asset Register as at 30 June 2023 has been completed, and is a live document and is currently subject to update.  Copies available and at General Meeting.

Business Arising – Independent Accountant appointed to review our financial records and present a report to the Executive for presentation at the Annual General meeting.  President JR remined all re our ongoing expenses and necessity of independent fund raising.

Moved by John McKenzie and Seconded by David House, that “the Treasurer’s Report be accepted”.  Carried. 


Welfare Greg Gough – promising and caring report and updates provide on Terry Pryer, Terry Newman, Peter Macander, Ken McHarrie, and Mick Gledhill, with other walking wounded doing well, including Ray Alexander successfully avoiding rabies and nose surgery, following a dog attack.

Best Wishes and Stay Safe All.

Peer Health Officers and matters.:  Wayne Koch, to advise re DVA funded October 2023 Veterans Health Week. Needs to be a change from bus ride and walk format to qualify for funding.

Poppy Day/Anzac Day 2023 Updates PB/PH – Peter Hodgson advised volunteer list ready in particular for Poppy Day venues 9/10Th November, Rail venues and now established venues.  Jim Ryle to assist with Squares/Card Payment facility training.  Demise of Karrinyup venue well explained, plus with the addition of a superior Bunnings venue for the past 3 years, allow Sub-Branch focus on more worthwhile sites.

Website Administration: BJ/HB – 

North Beach RSL Sub-Branch northbeach-rsl.asn.au)

BJ advised members of upcoming events that are well documented on the website, including:

  • Unveiling of the Korean War memorial 27 July,
  • Memorial Service at Prevelly Chapel on 29 July
  • Annual Sandakan Commemoration on 20 August.

Also mentioned were the valuable resources available to members on the Welfare page of our website.

John McKenzie advised that Facebook’s monthly hit rate was in excess of 7000, a great result.

Social Activities 

Events.            Paul McGuinness 0417 181 025. 

  • Paul McGuinness scheduling events along with member notifications being planned for 2023. 

Stirling Naval Base Tour done and terrific.

  • Still in the pipeline: Wednesdays – 27 September – Govt House Tour 30 max/free and Anzac House Lunch 40 max at own cost, assemble first at Anzac House from 11.30.  Details will be confirmed prior to the event.
  • October Chidlow’s Walk still on, will be an independent “Health” excursion.
  • Hobart 2024 Tour of Duty, 40 with wait list.  Next $500 deposit due by 14 August, next meeting. Travellers keep Paul informed.
  • September Optus Cancelled.

Christmas in July

Peter Bowring 0410 603 061 reminded all to book a table or indicate their attendance to him or Les Young.  


As always very informative, and addressed fund raising and the difference between Poppy Day fund raising and other fund raising activities undertaken by RSLWA and other Sub Branches.  He advised membership that all fund raising activities of the North Beach RSL Sub-Branch complies with RSLWA Constitution and By Laws and is fully supported. 

Also advised by Vince was that WA will have a new “Hub” at SW Metropolitan, as well as other Admin and Welfare projects, and stayed behind to discuss general matters with our members.


  • General” from the floor matters inserted to above committee reports to remain under notice.
  • Our John Whitford-Smith can be contacted for details of a nearby social Pool-Hall, refer to Secretary to arrange.

MEETING CLOSED – 1807 hrs.

NEXT MEETING – Monday –14th August 2023 at 17.00

106 attended this meeting, with 69 members paying for meals. Thanks again to our Gate Sentries Jess Welfare, Bill Kynaston and Jim Muscat.

Dinner Arrangements –Ladies and Older Veterans were given the usual courtesy of “First Serve” of our Caterer Kenny’s Thai Chicken Currie, Steamed Rice, with Vegetables & selection of buttered banquet breads.

Thanks go to our Trolley Guns, Stewie Young, Peter Dales and Stew Davies, and serving and clean up members Gorddard, Dwyer, Robinson, McGrath, Healy, the bread crew of Edwick and Willock, and microphone courier Jon McKenzie

Also our Raffle Warden, Cyril Robinson-Goodwin, who well served the Raffle Winners, Andy Robinson, Tony Pilatti and Arthur-Smith. Well played. 

Note from Secretary, 0407 478 963:

Members are advised that details of the Joondalup Hub are on our website, along with other providers of Advocacy support.

Joondalup Hub is contactable 24/7 on 0437 378 498.

Our North Beach Memorial

The Memorial Precinct on the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve is owned and maintained by the City of Stirling and administered by the Sub Branch. The area includes the Monument, Wall of Remembrance and the “Lone Pine” tree.  Plaques on The Wall of Remembrance recognise the service of deceased members of the Sub Branch.

John Rolfe is the current Warden, and arranges the unveiling of plaques on Remembrance Day each year. (6 weeks prior notice required before unveiling of plaques)

Our Commemorative Committee

Our Commemorative committee organises ANZAC Day Dawn Services, and planning for the Remembrance Day service.
Funding for the Dawn Service is mainly from Lotterywest and the City of Stirling.

Our Groups

Walkers meet Wednesday and Friday, southside of Hillarys Marina from 08:00-08:45 for a stroll or controlled stagger along the coast.

Our kayakers meet up at 08:00 in the Yacht Club carpark for a paddle and pick up debris from the Boat Harbour.

Our cycling group is also gaining in numbers.

All Members are welcome to join our Coffee and Talk Group that meet on the south side of Hillarys Marina each Wednesdy and Friday from about 09:15 – Look for the sign.

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