Minutes General Meeting 12 December 2022

Minutes of General Meeting

North Beach RSL Sub-Branch

12th December 2022.

MEETING OPENED at 17:00, President John Rolfe welcomed, 132 members and recited the Ode.


I take a moment to remind us of the significance of December in Australia’s military history

On 7 December 1941 Lieutenant General Erwin Rommel was forced to abandon the siege at Tobruk, Libya.  

The Nazi propagandist Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce) derided the tenacious defenders as ‘rats’, a term that the Australian soldiers embraced, and “The Rats of Tobruk” has now gone down in military history.

Australia’s 2/13 Battalion was the last to be evacuated, and the only unit present for the entire siege.

Total Naval losses comprised two destroyers, including HMAS Waterhen, three sloops, including HMAS Parramatta, and 21 smaller vessels.

The total losses in the 9th Division and attached troops from 1st March to 15th December amounted to 832 killed, 2,177 wounded and 941 prisoners.


81 years ago on 8 December 1941 Australia announced that it was at war with Japan.  Some 17,000 Australians would die in the three-and-a-half-year war, 8,000 as prisoners of war.


Sad passing of Esteemed Members, Chris Clarke, Ian Tapley and Rick Love. Biographies and Funeral details on display.

Members toasted absent friends . “Lest We Forget”.


Approximately 29 noted by the Secretary by RSVP emails and advised in the register recorded by attending members. Many thanks.


Pleasing contingent of 7 or more new Members joining direct since last Meeting:

Alf ALLEN, Ex-RAAF, Santo Sturniolo and Tony Filardi, Vietnam Small Ships, both transferring from Nollamara, Phil Matson, 18 years Armoured Corp Army Reserve 10th Light Horse, widely travelled. Rod Millar “Scientist” but more famous 2 RTB Pucka and Bonegilla, and paperwork pleasantly submitted for (Maj.) Tom Fisher currently a serving officer with the Armoured Corps.

Our letters of Welcome despatched and included on our “Broadcast Email List”.

Additional words from President noted regarding new members like these and also from other sources, (existing Members, member referrals, Reservists all services,), being able to step up over time and assist with transitioning the managing the Sub-Branch to younger members.


Minutes of 14th November, having been available by email, website, and hard copy, considered as read.  

Moved by Eric Aitkins and Seconded by Steve Fletcher, that “the Minutes of the previous meeting be accepted”.

Noted, All in Favour & Carried.

Secretary again reminds Old & New members that easy access to current and recent minutes, our By-Laws and Annexure are via our website:


CORRESPONDENCE IN & OUT – Pending/Reciprocal:

  • Sub- Branch Signal to Members.
  • Welcome to new members dispatched.
  • Poppy Day Report to RSLWA and remittance $13,151.00
  • From “UNITAF” – Active Service Recognition: Somalia.
  • 2023 Membership Renewals from RSLWA.
  • Annual Insurance $2341.80
  • Reports to City of Stirling re our Remembrance Day successful event.
  • Papas Trailer Deposit $1870 Paid – 6/10-week construction, 7 point Round Plug.
  • Grants – Stronger Communities $20k/Kayaks & other Completion report done, ~$2900k unspent.
  • Square-Up Point of Sale Poppy Day Reports, Final Reconciliation Completed.
  • Ric Love Funeral Thursday 15 December at 11.30am, West Chapel, Pinnaroo.
  • RSLWA CEO/Members Meeting – 30 to attend, Now: Thursday 15 December, Joondalup RSL, Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club, Board Harbour Quay Ocean Reef, 4.30-6.30pm, light refreshments provided.
  • Chris Clarke funeral Friday 16 December 2022 at 2:00pm, Purslowe and Chipper Funerals, cnr Buckingham Drive and Wanneroo Road, Wangara
  • RSLWA – notice of extraordinary GM Thursday, 2 February 2023 @ 11.30 am.  Voting procedure to be determined for Executive reply.
  • Agenda items included below from our Early Management meeting Friday 9th December.

Refer to Committee Reports. – for Business Arising from Correspondence – Carried forward as General Business:

Acknowledgement of Correspondence matters, Moved by Kevin Green and Seconded by Steve Fletcher.  Carried.


Treasurer David King provided a comprehensive report and Balance Sheet of our monthly finances and provided a copy for each table.  

An explanation of financial transactions and account balances was provided.  

*$15 N.B.B.C. Social Memberships due all annually. Allows us to use these premises with limited overheads. Check with Treasurer and Management Committee.

  • Business Arising from Treasurers Report – Nil.     Moved by Deborah Thatcher and Seconded by Jon McKenzie that “the Treasurer’s Report be accepted”.  Carried

The President thanked David for his continued efforts in this demanding position.


Welfare – Greg Gough advised re the following under notice: Tony Samiotis, Peter Macander, Terry Newman.

Christmas Hamper delivery effected to the following: Ian Goyder, Bill Fielding, Maud Bown, Ken McHarrie (present), Kevin Ryan, Geoff Pope, Peter Macander, Tony Samiotis, Terry Newman and Terry Prior.

ALSO, well played Ken McHarrie and continued good health and acknowledgment of his 99th birthday this month. 

Stay Safe All.

Peer Health Officers and matters.:  Wayne Koch, & Eric Aitkins.

Kayaks & Grant Update – Executive under general update relating to the $20k Stronger Communities Grant, and DVA grant for $5k Cabinet/Honour Board.  Clarity from NBBC and supplier on 17 January 2023 regarding placement and measurement – Messrs. Bowring and Vladich.

  • $2.9k Stronger Communities Grant funds remaining, final report submitted and recall of unspent funds pending.
  • Trailer ordered as per prior species – with Round 7 Pin.
  • Kayaks- batch of new stickers/stencils/Christening – Arranging a day for application.
  • Eric Aitkins that at our 13 Feb 2023 meeting, (5.00pm as usual), there will be a presentation on “Stroke Awareness”, particularly important and thank you Eric.

Remembrance Day 2022/Anzac Day 2023 Update – Barry Lloyd and Peter Bowring and John Rolfe. – well done and thanks to all involved.  Planning activities for 2023 has commenced.

Website & Related Matters.  Brian Jennings outlined latest additions to the website, and recommended members review our past year under Menu About Us / Gallery 2022.


The Veterans Catalogue developed as one outcome of the Royal Commission into Veterans Suicide was recommended, especially for younger Veterans or those considering transitioning from the Services.  Brian thanked members for their contribution and helping us achieve the publicity we did during the year in The Listening Post and with DVA News.

Social Activities Paul McGuinness and John Rolfe

  • Paul McGuinness scheduling events along with Member notifications being planned for 2023.  
  • 2023 Tour of Duty Esperance – Wed 22 March to Monday 27th.  37 Members have committed at this stage.   See Paul to book, wait list available.  0417 181 025.  Next $300 instalment now due.   Payment details as advised, or information from Brian Jennings 0413 605 612.
  • Review of 2022 provided, many thanks to Paul acknowledged form all.


  • Talk from Mr. Hiff – Revive Health.  Excellent presentation which attracted additional sign ups.  The donation from Revive Health was well received by those present.
  • Explanation from Doug Simpson – 2023 Membership Cards.  New Membership System has been implemented and has resulted in some details on the cards being changed.
  • TPI Christmas Meeting 13/12/2022 – as advised by Colin Benporath.
  • Jon McKenzie – reminder to “LIKE” our Facebook page so he can monitor use.  The President thanked Jon for his work with Facebook

City of Wanneroo Christmas Lunch –

For those who may be alone at Christmas: important details on our home page, thank you to Jess Welfare.   Members were encouraged to pass this information on to those who may benefit from this free event, and the opportunity for them to join others at Christmas. 


and also

Sharing the Christmas Spirit – Wanneroo Christmas Day Lunch

President John Rolfe reiterated his thanks to the many within our Sub-Branch who provide assistance and support, not only at our General and Executive Meetings, but with all our activities through the year. 

MEETING CLOSED – 1800 hrs.

NEXT MEETING – Monday 13th February 2023 at 17.00

132 attended this meeting, (including those from “town”: Doug Simpson, Matt Moran, Steve Barton & Vince Connolly), with 93 members paying for meal. (And WW2 Veterans who courtesy of our Sub-Branch do not pay for their meals).  Thanks to Gate Keepers Bill Kynaston and Jimmy Muscat.

Dinner Arrangements – Ladies and Older Veterans were given the usual courtesy of “First Serve” of our Caterer Kenny’s now famous Shepherd’s Pie with Peas, Gravy, and the ever-pampered take it or leave it selection of buttered breads.

Thanks go to the “youngish” Trolley Guns, Peter Dales, Stewie Davies, Trevor Beegan and Stuart Young, and serving and clean up members Gorddard, Dwyer, McGrath, Healy, and butterers Edwick and Willock.

Also well served were the Raffle Winners, John Rolfe, Rob Sweet and Alex McKinnon. Well played.

Note from Secretary, 0407 478 963:

Members are advised that details of the Joondalup Hub are on our website, along with other providers of Advocacy support.

Joondalup Hub is contactable 24/7 on 0437 378 498.

Our North Beach Memorial

The Memorial Precinct on the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve is owned and maintained by the City of Stirling and administered by the Sub Branch. The area includes the Monument, Wall of Remembrance and the “Lone Pine” tree.  Plaques on The Wall of Remembrance recognise the service of deceased members of the Sub Branch.

John Rolfe is the current Warden, and arranges the unveiling of plaques on Remembrance Day each year. (6 weeks prior notice required before unveiling of plaques)

Our Commemorative Committee

Our Commemorative committee organises ANZAC Day Dawn Services, and planning for the Remembrance Day service.
Funding for the Dawn Service is mainly from Lotterywest and the City of Stirling.

Our Groups

Walkers meet Wednesday and Friday, southside of Hillarys Marina from 08:00-08:45 for a stroll or controlled stagger along the coast.

Our kayakers meet up at 08:00 in the Yacht Club carpark for a paddle and pick up debris from the Boat Harbour.

Our cycling group is also gaining in numbers.

All Members are welcome to join our Coffee and Talk Group that meet on the south side of Hillarys Marina each Wednesdy and Friday from about 09:15 – Look for the sign.

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